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Last Post 08/26/2015 1:17 PM by  David C Lewis
A $10 donation turns into $10,000
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12/03/2010 12:27 PM
    This is a true story: I was new in the Ascended Masters teachings and had just heard about Fortuna, tithing and the power of the ten. I was told to do 40 Fortunas to help out my situation. I had a newborn and was on a budget of $50/week for food, clothing and toiletries. I told the person that 40 Fortunas was too many for me to do and that I would do 3 Fortunas. I asked Fortuna for $10,000 and told my husband that I was decreeing for $10,000. He rolled his eyes. I was penniless, didn't have a job and really wanted money to go to Summit University and to travel with my baby. He thought I was crazy.

    In the middle of my novena to Fortuna I had a visitor; an elderly woman was at my door. This woman had soft white hair, sparkling blue eyes and a tapestry coat. I invited her in and asked her what she wanted. She asked me for money. I was surprised; she didn't look like a beggar.

    I went to my wallet and found a bunch of change and a ten dollar bill. I thought about the teaching about the ten. Part of me was tempted to give this lady the change. That was my last ten dollars for a while. Then I thought, there is something special about the ten. I’ll give her the ten and see what happens.

    I gave the lady the ten dollar bill and she smiled from ear to ear. I was curious and asked her what she was going to do with the money and she said that she was going to buy her husband beer. My husband was wasting about $50 a week on beer so I wasn't exactly happy about that. I hugged her anyway. She felt so delicate, almost ethereal.

    A week or 2 later I received a letter in the mail for a stock. I cashed it in and it was worth $10,000. My husband's eyes popped out. He couldn't believe it. My grandfather had never given us money like that before. A stock that he had had in beer split, so he gave each grandchild a share.

    I was so grateful to Fortuna, I said, "Next time, I'll say 4 Fortunas!!" I was then able to attend 2 levels of Summit University, travel, tithe $1,000 and I had enough money to start my own life. Thank you again Beloved Fortuna!!!

    David C Lewis

    08/26/2015 1:17 PM
    Totally awesome story, Lisa. I guess that sweet elder lady was a messenger of "be-er-ingness" (beingness)... you passed the test of giving without any reservation... and the Divine One witnessed your love and charity and used that moment of grace to precipitate the gift from the beer stock! Hahaha!!!

    My dad used to produce TV commercials in Chicago for Leo Burnett and Company and some were for beer companies, including Budweiser... I guess he's wiser now... and budding to boot in the heavenly octaves... enjoying a different type of stimulating elixir with no side effects...

    I don't drink beer... yet this commercial was pretty funny... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVq7IsExEJA

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