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Last Post 03/26/2010 1:21 PM by  Translation by Guiomar
Passing Through a Car
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Sun Disc

01/28/2010 10:04 AM
    As a young boy of perhaps 6 or 7 years of age, I was involved in an inexplicable event which I think about often, even now, decades after it happened.

    I took my bicycle and rode it into a different neighborhood several blocks from my home, a big adventure for me at the time. I was riding the bike in and out of driveways, riding in the street, and finally making big looping circles from curb to curb, so focused on the bike that my attention on the bigger picture was secondary. After coming out of one of the circles, a car's blaring horn suddenly shocked me into the awareness that I had just entered the intersection at the end of the block. Neither of us had time to change what was about to happen. The car was in fact going to hit me, but just as we should have been making contact, time seemed to stand still, and I passed right through the car. To my amazement, I found myself pedaling my bike back in the direction I had just come from before entering the intersection. Without looking back, I rode home, my heart pounding, desiring to understand what had just happened.

    I kept this event to myself, not telling my parents or anybody else about my little adventure. It was when I was much older, and began hearing similar stories from people who were also involved with the ascended masters, that I fully realized that Archangel Michael had saved my life in the intersection. I remember hearing a dictation from Archangel Michael years later as he told the people listening how he had saved us all, on numerous occasions, and that if we meditated upon it, he would show us the time when it had happened. I thought of the incident in the intersection. I had been given a tremendous grace, keeping me in embodiment, providing me the opportunity to move forward with my life, for which I AM eternally grateful.
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    Translation by Guiomar

    03/26/2010 1:21 PM
    06 Feb 2010 10:10 AM by aida

    Regarding the translated message on the intercession of the Archangel Michael in our lives:

    Years ago, before going into the teaching, after receiving the news that my son was admitted to the hospital, he was very sick, I roamed the streets of Madrid with tears in my eyes when preparing to cross the street, with a high level of traffic, something pushed me back hard, it wasn't a physical hit I felt like if something or someone had pushed me. A second after a car drove at high speed where I was going to cross, I was astonished if I had not received this impact the car would have hit me. I did not say anything to anyone. Curiously, I recalled the event listening to the dictation of the Archangel Michael in which he told us that he saved our lives in several opportunities. I felt a strong current and remembered the picture, as confirmation that he had been present at that moment.


    I bow before the flame of God within you. TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH FORUM

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