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Last Post 04/15/2021 5:07 AM by  Chris Percy
Guided Meditation 5 part one from The Steps of Shamballa
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Chris Percy

04/15/2021 5:07 AM
    Guided Meditation 5
    from The Steps of Shamballa by Chris Percy

    Ascension/Resurrection Activations
    with the Babaji-lineage
    Yoga Masters

    - Part 1 –

    (Dearest sisters and brothers,

    My loving thoughts and prayers for healing, protection, comfort, guidance and strength are with you in this time of testing, transition and potential transformation.

    Welcome to this next step! I should perhaps stress that the blessings and spiritual activations offered in the following in no way require the recipient to be a practitioner, or to have any knowledge, of Yoga.

    All we need is love for those with whom we are travelling on the Blue Planet and a readiness to receive some profound gifts from the venerable Babaji-lineage Yoga Masters, so that we might be of optimum service to our sisters and brothers.

    So, if you’re ready, let’s climb aboard the merkabah for our next mission!


    Chris P.)

    In all aspects of this meditation and its attendant activations, and throughout our lives hereafter, we request the gracious help, guidance, overlighting and protection of Father Melchizedek, our Universal Logos, Archangels Metatron, Michael and Faith, Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Ascended Masters Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda, Mother Mary, the Mahatma, or Avatar of Synthesis, Lord Melchior, our Galactic Logos, the Ascended Masters of the Planetary and Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy and all those blessed servants of the One Creator Most Holy and Beloved who are willing to thus grant us their assistance.

     We make all the following requests subject to the Will of our Most Holy Source, and under the Law of Divine Grace. We ask to receive and transmit only those energies which each member of our group is able to do so in safety and with ease and comfort.

     We now send our "grounding cord" down into the core of Mother Earth, calling upon Archangel Sandalphon and Goddess Gaia herself to ensure that we are securely grounded at all times during the following meditation and journey.

     We cordially invite our sisters and brothers of the monadic group, and our inner-plane guides, angels and teachers of the Light Divine, to join us, if they so wish, in this meditation and journey.

     In preparation, we call forth:

    a planetary and cosmic axiatonal alignment for all in our group from holy and beloved Father Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Archangel Metatron;

    the invincible protection for each member of our group of the Golden Dome, Blue-Flame Armour Shield and Blue-Flame Sword of Archangels Michael and Faith;

    the clearing of all negative extraterrestrial implants, negative elementals and negative energies from the energy field of each member of our group by Lords Vywamus, Lenduce and Saint-Germain, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Archangels of the Light Divine, the Lord and Lady of Arcturus and the relevant Arcturian healing teams;

    the further cleansing of our energy fields by means of the Platinum Net by Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Archangel Metatron.

     We now call forth, from Lord Maitreya, Ascended Masters Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda a group merkabah of living Light, in the optimum configuration, large enough to accommodate all the members of our group.

     We ask that our merkabah be activated in the optimum manner and that we now be transported, in our etheric, or appropriate, bodies, under the guidance of Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya and the Masters invoked, and under the protection of Archangels Michael and Faith, to come before Ascended Masters Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda in Babaji’s Himalayan cave retreat on the inner plane.

     Smoothly rising through zones of growing radiance and progressively building frequency, our living-Light merkabah delivers us at the speed of thought into the pristine majesty of high Himalayan snow-clad peaks. Our crystalline Light-energy vehicle gently comes to rest outside the mouth of a cave haloed in shimmering Light. As we alight from it into the high and holy silence, the dancing Light begins to swirl and intensify, as it forms four columns of radiant, almost dazzling, energy.

    Now, from the midst of these glorious columns emerge the great and venerable Masters Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda. With beaming smiles, they bow to us with joined hands, in pronam greeting and we return their bow.

    Master Babaji invites us to join his beloved brothers and himself for a while inside this mountain sanctuary.

    Gliding across the cave’s threshold, we find ourselves in a high-walled chamber, in the centre of which a fire with a dancing blue flame is burning. The walls themselves exude a soft glow, while the roof appears to be dissolved in a shimmering, almost watery, luminosity.

    We are each guided to seat ourselves in the optimum place on one of the beautiful rugs which encircle the fire. The rug feels much deeper and softer than it appears and supports us in perfect comfort.

     Rising from within us, like a sweet, whispered blessing, we now hear the beatific Master Babaji address us:

    “We extend the Love and greetings of our heart to you, our dearly loved brothers and sisters and fellow servants of the ONE in, and with, Whom we are one, and it is our joy and honour to offer you some gifts and blessings which will serve you in the realisation of that oneness.

    “We receive all from the ONE to give all to all in the ONE, so that they may remember and realise their oneness with the One Being and their freedom from lack or limitation.

    “It is commonly thought that the yogi is seeking union with the Divine. The reality, however, is that the yogi – as all who live within the One Life – is already in union with the Divine. It is the manifestation of this union in his or her Being which is the true goal of the yogi. It is in order to assist you in taking some further steps towards this goal that we offer you these gifts and blessings.

    “On what do you set your mind? If you set your mind on the radiant Light which beckons you, if you commit the full force of your will to embrace it, then the Light will carry you into its transfiguring heart and you will know it as your own. For it is your Love which has called forth the Light, which calls you forth to radiate the perfection of your divine Being!

    “It would be our joy, then, to serve you as instruments of the Light of Oneness, to blend our voice with yours in calling forth the glorious Light of resurrection! The yoga blessings and activations which we offer you are to help manifest the pathway to the divine Self your aspiration has called forth, and bids you take, by bringing your breath, your mind, your heart and your will into greater manifestation of their communion with one another and with the One Creator.

    “Thus, if it be your intention, your breath will more fully manifest the limitless Life of the Breath of the ONE, your mind the limitless Light of the Mind of the ONE, your heart the limitless Love of the Heart of the ONE and your will the limitless Power of the Will of the ONE in the service of the divine Purpose.

    “In measure as they realise this divine communion, so will your breath, your mind, your heart and your will speak and listen one to the other, so that the Word of the One Creator may resound in the holy place and your Being be transfigured in the clear radiance of the divine Presence!”

     Master Yogananda now materialises a garland of radiant white and golden flowers around the neck of each member of our group.

    “As you breathe in the sweet perfume of the flowers’ perfection,” he inwardly tells us, “let it speak to you of your perfection, which it is the goal of your earthly journey to manifest.

    “The one you now hear knocking is Life itself. This is the time to throw open the gates and invite the Spirit of Resurrection to move through the Holy City of your Being, restoring all to its true and glorious radiance of immortality!”

     Let us who so wish, in our oneness of heart and intent with beloved Master Yogananda, now inwardly invoke the eternal Spirit of the One Life: “I call upon my breath to be the vehicle of the limitless Life of the Breath of the ONE, raising my Being, through the grace of resurrection, to the Communion of Light!”

    The flowers in the garlands around our necks are now metamorphosed into glowing spheres of swirling white and golden energy.

     “Take into your Being, if you will, the very Breath of Life,” Master Yogananda invites us, “fixing your attention upon your crown chakra.”

    Instantly, the garland of radiant spheres moves upwards to our crown chakra, where it becomes a circulating band of golden and white energy.

    “And now,” Master Yogananda directs us, “breathe the power of resurrection into your crown chakra!”

    From the swirling band of energy, scintillating golden-white streams spiral into all the chambers and facets of our crown chakra, igniting it in the glorious radiance of resurrection.

     “As you breathe in, focus the encircling life-force upon your ajna centre, the chakra between the eyebrows. Now, with your out-breath, direct the living energy into your brow chakra.”

    This centre, as our crown chakra before, is infused with an intense, golden-white radiance.

     “Again, opening your Being to the flow of the eternal Spirit of Life, focus the circulating energy upon your throat chakra. Now, as you exhale, infuse this chakra with the power of resurrection.”

    Now, in its turn, the great creative centre of the throat is raised to the exalted frequencies of its divine blueprint.

     “The Presence of the One and Supreme Being remains, of course, where It has ever dwelt: in the holy place which is your heart. Let us listen in silence for a moment, as the Spirit calls thence to the Spirit: Love to Love, Light to Light, Life eternal to Life eternal…”

    Upon our in-breath, the sound of “OM” reverberates from the depths of our Being and beams of ethereal rose radiate from our heart-centre to the spinning wheel of incandescent golden energy, of which it now forms the hub.

    As we exhale, myriad spinning letters, codes and geometric figures in golden fire are projected from the rotating wall of energy along the beams and into our heart, surrounding it in a glowing aureole of gold and rose.

     “Placing your attention now upon the solar plexus centre, call forth the current of Life once again to fill your Being and, upon your out-breath, direct it into the gateway to the emotions which is the solar plexus.”

    This chakra is now ignited in the golden Light of resurrection.

     “As you inhale once again, bring the spinning wheel of vital energy down to the level of your second chakra, the sacral centre, infusing it upon your out-breath, as before, with the radiance of resurrection.

     “Let now your base chakra be rooted in the Limitless Light of the One and Eternal Creator. On your in-breath, centre the wheel of Light supernal upon your first chakra and, breathing out, instil the Light of Life itself into this chakra.

     Finally, direct the Life-energy downwards, through your connecting energetic cord into the sacred heart of the Earth Mother.”

    “Feel now the surge of Life-force returning, with the tenderest blessings of the Earth Goddess herself, to your heart-centre. From here, its rays are blazing forth, sun-like, throughout your Being!

     Again, feel the Life-radiance returning to your heart, now with the Love and blessings of the great Presence of your “I AM”. Feel the embrace of your divine Self. Know and feel your oneness with the ONE Who Is. And, in the bliss and peace of that oneness, rise to the fullness of your limitless, immortal Being, in the service of the ONE, the All, ‘in joy eternal, ever new’!”

     Now, gazing beatifically upon us, his eyes filled with deep inner radiance, the serene Master Sri Yukteswar Giri inwardly addresses us: “I reach out in great joy to you, dear brothers and sisters of my heart who, for your part, are reaching out in loving service to your brothers and sisters on this Planet of gathering Light! My prayer is that you may increasingly feel, and delight in, the blissful embrace of the divine Self for which you are thus reaching and, knowing your Self to be Love without limits, may then radiate unlimited Love to the sons and daughters of Love Itself!

    “The one who would serve in such radiance needs to be ever mindful of the Light of the Eternal Spirit. To be mindful of the Limitless Light is to open the mind to that Light, to keep the mind ever open to it and to let our Being be ever filled to overflowing with it.

    “We who dwell in the House of Light, let us remember where it is we are blessed to dwell and let us not so much as steal one glance at the habitations of illusion. In calling us onwards to its Ineffable and Eternal Source, the Light calls but to the Light, for it calls us to our Self…

    “Look now upon the vista which presents itself to your inner vision: the sun is just rising above the horizon, its golden rays bringing the Light of Life back to the seamless blue of the cloudless sky and the waveless ocean. Nothing – neither jarring thought nor turbulent feeling - disturbs the peace. This is your peace. It waits but for you to accept it. Let now the restless ocean be still and receptive and let the gates of the mind be held open wide to the living Light of the Spirit, so that your every thought may resonate in blissful harmony with the Thoughts of the Creator!

    “Inwardly call with me, if you will, upon the mind to be the vehicle of the One and Eternal Spirit: ‘I call upon my mind to be the vehicle of the limitless Light of the One Creator, raising my Being, through the grace of resurrection, to the Communion of Light.”

    Now, rising from the surface of the placid ocean which mirrors the fathomless blue of the sky, myriad dancing sparkles form into a great swirl of dazzling golden Light. Crossing the vast expanse of blue radiance, these jewels of the Light divine spiral into our solar plexus chakra, instilling the purest peace and bliss into the deepest fibres of our Being.

    The sun, rising higher now, ignites the infinite heavens and their reflection in the tranquil waters in the glory of its effulgence. A beam of fiery gold, bearing a figure of eight of scintillating platinum energy, is projected from its centre to a point above our head. Beginning to spin, the platinum figure of eight sweeps down our entire chakra column and back up to our crown chakra, whereupon a band of platinum Light spirals downwards round our head, entering our ajna centre, or third eye.

    Instantly, our aura is filled with a transfiguring platinum radiance and our Being is raised to the sublime frequencies of the Eternal Spirit.

    Like a whispered blessing, rising from deep within us, we hear Master Sri Yukteswar’s exhortation: “Let the mind be ever open to the Light of the divine Self, in whose embrace of bliss let us live and serve!”

     Now, with the warmest of smiles, the venerable Master Lahiri Mahasaya, joining his hands before his heart with its exquisite aura of ethereal rose and gold, bows to us. “Namasté, beloved pilgrims to the Courts of Shamballa! It is now my blessing to offer you a blessing which, if you will receive it, will lend power to your stride on your path of return to the Light supernal of the ONE Whose Call rings in our hearts!

    “First, I would ask you to consider a fundamental, but oft ignored, question: that of our true whereabouts. As we sit – as in our present communion - in meditation, as we kneel in prayer, as we lie down to sleep, as we rise to meet the day, as we take the steps that make up our journey – where is it that we truly find ourselves?

    “The answer, of course – albeit a largely forgotten one - is that we ever find ourselves in the All-Loving Heart of the One and Supreme Creator! Only illusion, in whose sticky, fear-spun web we have entrapped ourselves, would tell us otherwise. As your presence here testifies, however, dearest brothers and sisters, your ears are clearly tuned to reality. Let us open our ears and hearts solely to its sweet Voice and know ourselves to be in the Heart of All Love!

    “Boundless, eternal Love is not only where we are; since it is the very Essence of our Creator, with Whom we are ONE, it is also our very essence.

    “Therefore, let us who have been blessed with remembrance of the reality of our Being, now follow the call to manifest that reality!

    “What limitation could be placed upon boundless, eternal Love? Likewise, what limitation could be placed upon our boundless, eternal Being? It falls to each of us to choose whether to place our belief in the illusion of the dark prison in which we have incarcerated ourselves behind the bars of our fear-bound thoughts, or to finally open our eyes to the endless vistas of glory which are our true dwelling place!

    “Let us now open our eyes to the Light of our Being by opening our hearts to the Love which is its reality. Let us enter into the centre of our Being: let us flow in Love into the consciousness of the heart, allowing ourselves to be carried by the currents of bliss upon the ocean of peace!

    “We now find ourselves in the living silence of the holy of holies of the heart. Here, in the centre within the centre, we hear the Voice beyond the silence calling us to remember the infinite Love of our Almighty Creator which holds us in Being, to be the infinite Love we are and to radiate our divine essence to all in the oneness of the ONE.

    “Let our Love now radiate from the Presence in the heart to the Presence in Whom all has its Being. Let us inwardly see our Love blaze forth in solar glory from our heart to the hearts of all within the Heart of All! Even as Love is now flowing from our core, its waves breaking upon numberless shores of the infinite Cosmos, so Love is filling our Being, cascading from its Inexhaustible Source.

    “The embrace of Love is holding us in Being; the embrace of Love is raising us to the fullness and wholeness of our divine Self.

    “Let us feel this, the embrace of Love divine and Life eternal! It is the embrace of our very Self!

    “Let us rejoice in its touch of liberation and, in it, let us henceforth walk and serve!”

     In the silence, let us savour this holy instant...

     We offer our heartfelt thanks to you, esteemed and beloved Masters Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda, for the Love of your eternal hearts and the shower of divine blessings you have been instrumental in bringing us! May you, in turn, receive the infinite blessings of the ONE Who Is our Most Holy Source and Destination and to Whom be all glory, now and in the eternal now. So be it! So it is!

     We now call forth again our group merkabah from Lord Maitreya and Masters Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda.

     Taking our places, we ask that our merkabah be activated in the optimum manner once again and that we now be transported, under the guidance of Lord Maitreya and the Ascended Masters invoked in this meditation, and under the protection of Archangels Michael and Faith, back to our physical bodies on Earth, or to the appropriate bodies and locations for those of our brothers and sisters on the inner planes who have joined us for this meditation and upon whom also we now call forth the blessings of the Mother/Father Most Holy.

     We now feel ourselves smoothly and effortlessly returning to this location, to this room, in which we started this meditation, and to our physical bodies. We ask Archangel Sandalphon and Mother Gaia to help us ground ourselves fully into our physical bodies and to safely and comfortably integrate the profound energies we have received in this meditation. Let us be aware of the chair on which we are sitting and our feet upon the floor. Let us feel our deep, living connection to Mother Gaia.

     We call upon our personal healing angels to perfectly balance our chakras and all levels of our multi-body system. We now give our thanks, and send our Love, to Archangel Sandalphon, Mother Gaia and our healing angels.

     We call once again upon Lord Maitreya and the Ascended Masters invoked in this meditation, asking them to gather any spiritual energies we have received in this meditation which are surplus to our requirements and to use them the service of all in the ONE as is the Will of the ONE. We thank you, once again, beloved and faithful servants of the Most Holy Creator!

     As we continue upon our journey, let us remember our eternal oneness with the blessed Masters Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda and with the ONE in Whose Heart without bounds, or beginning or end, all hearts abide as they were created: in perfection and eternal peace and holiness.

     Let us take a few moments to acclimatise ourselves to our everyday surroundings. When we are ready, let us open our eyes.

     I AM Melchizedek:
    in Alpha,
    in Omega,
    through Omega
    in the ONE I AM.


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