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Last Post 07/03/2020 12:56 AM by  Lorrie
Heart Head and Hand decrees
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07/03/2020 12:56 AM
    Morning all,

    I have been studying my new decree book that I got at the Summer Conference and discovered that there were no Heart Head and Hand decrees (1.30) within. As a student of El Morya, I truly loved these decrees as they could be given on a busy morning and even worked as self talk when in a stressful situation. So given how much I loved them I have tried to write ones that might be welcomed by the Heart Center community. They are not fully done as I am still working on my own Transfiguration, Resurrection and Ascension but hopefully they can be finished before then. I call them the Path of Initiation decrees as they represent the key points of the Path of the Chela.

    The Path of Initiation Decrees (1.30 Heart Head and Hand)

    Violet lighting
    Violet lighting, in Mercys’ name
    Fill my heart with Violet flame.
    Hold me ever in Thy light
    Serving God, so bless, so bright.

    Violet lighting, fill my mind
    With Thy essence so sublime,
    Lift my thoughts to Heavens height
    Seeing only God’s great light

    Violet lighting, take hold my hand
    Use me, teach me to serve man
    Help me walk thy Path so right
    Gripped firmly thy Violet light

    Tube of Light
    Beloved Presence in my heart
    A Crystal tube, my day to start
    Sealed in light from above
    full of mercy, full of Love
    Thy light protects me from all below
    Discord, anger, fear, I know
    Bathe me in thy loving light
    Give me strength throughout the night
    Send thy love unto my heart
    Until at last we never part

    Forgiveness flows by Mercy’s flame
    Free me by thy I AM name
    Loose the bounds that bind my soul
    Until I AM Thy self below
    My forgiveness I give free to all
    Bless them, free them, by my call
    Let the Earth rise by my Love
    Freeing all by Heaven above

    Thy light fulfills my every need
    No wants remain for Love succeeds
    Removing doubts from my heart
    Thy loving gifts, so full, a part
    Thy emerald vision so pure and great
    Sees the Path before me straight
    Divine supply and healing come
    With thy blessings, we are one.

    I bend the knee to Gods Will
    With Perfection my soul it fills
    It guides my Path, my heart, my soul
    Until my Presence I do know

    Hold my life within your Hand
    Gods will fulfilled by serving man
    Bless me Father, make me Thine
    Until with Gods Perfection, I do shine.

    I AM becoming all I AM
    For my initiation I do stand
    Changing darkness into light
    By the Crystal shining light
    The white fire core expands within
    My transfiguration now begins

    The Sun within me now does glow
    I AM Presence anchored here below
    My 3 fold flame blazes bright
    Around me, in me, full of light
    By Gods answer to my call,
    The white fire core changes all

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