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Last Post 05/21/2019 11:19 AM by  Dee Stewart
More Zen Jokes
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Dee Stewart

05/21/2019 11:19 AM
    1. A Zen student asked his master, "Is it OK to use email?"

    "Yes," came the reply, "But no attachments."

    2. Four monks were meditating in a temple when, all of a sudden, the prayer flag on the roof started flapping.

    The youngest monk came out of his meditation and said, "Flag is flapping."

    The second, more experienced monk said, "Wind is flapping."

    The third monk, who had been there for more than twenty years, said, "Mind is flapping."

    The fourth monk, who was the eldest, said, "Mouths are flapping!"

    3. Two old friends met for dinner.

    "How's that husband of yours? Is he still unemployed?"

    "No, no, not anymore."

    "Oh well some good news at least. What does he do now?"

    "Now he meditates."

    "Meditates! What's that?"

    "I'm not sure, but it's better than sitting around doing nothing."

    You are not authorized to post a reply.