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Last Post 06/07/2010 12:30 PM by  Carol Wells
Uppsala, Sweden (May 13-16, 2010) and Estonia
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Dean Baylor

05/18/2010 11:12 AM

    A New Fragrance of Divine Love for Scandinavia--Expanding the Unguent of Compassion to Save Sentient Life.

    Uppsala, Sweden (May 13-16, 2010)

    Share your memories of this Conference in this forum. We would love to here your experiences and know what was special for you!
    Carol Wells

    06/07/2010 12:30 PM
    One of many joyful memories of the Sweden Pilgrimage happened one morning before the doors of our meeting room were opened. Some of the participants who were sitting on a long bench in the gardens were already decreeing together when I arrived. I joined them. And after a while, they wanted to sing, too. As we were singing and more heartfriends arrived, we had become an extemporaneous choir,serenading the birds and plantlife in three-part harmony!

    When we first arrived in Uppsala, we were invited for dinner at Karin Eeg-Olofsson's home. That is where we first met Jade Ekstorm. Both of these ladies are individuals that I will hold in a special place in my heart forever.

    Jade, who lives in Stockholm, was guest at Karin's home for the duration of the event. Jade is 90-years-young. You will see her in the video, walking around the stone tablet in the Linne Garden as Karin shares some information about the heirogyphed tablet. Jade is absolutely beautiful. Her eyes sparkle, her conversation is loving and gentile, often holding your hand or caressing your cheek as she talks with you.

    She walks with grace and strength. During a 5-mile hiking tour of Uppsala later that day, Jade was with us from beginning to end--uphill treks, cathedral stairs, bumby surfaces, sitting on the ground to hear our special "Sermon on the Mount" from beloved Jesus, and refusing any assistance in getting up from our picnic spot.

    Jade's life experiences reminded me of chapters in Unveiled Mysteries. Every story was more incredible than the last. Her relationship with Saint Germain has now spanned several decades. He has taught her directly, and she has liberally dipped into his violet flame fountain of youth!

    She never nodded off during HeartStreams. Her back was erect as she sat with eyes glued on David. She often sat in the first row, "ringside" at every opportunity. When I would approach her after a session, she would often share additional teachings that dovetailed with the message just delivered. What an amazing student of Saint Germain! A role model for all.

    Now, Karin is another unforgettable memory. Her heart is totally open. Well-traveled and well-educated--she is a brain doctor, as they call it in Sweden--Karin is the personification of the coming together of science and spirituality.

    She is extremely devotional and some for whom she has prayed have received visible healings. Now that's the kind of brain doctor I'd like to have. Her home was filled with light and tastefully decorated with memorabilia from her world travels. She prepared delicious quiches for us and served them on her exquisitely set table. It was an honor to be in the presence of these two very dear heartfriends.

    One of her travel memorabila was a six-foot long alpine-type horn. Karin mentioned that she had tried to play it but did not have enough wind or technique or something. When Rune saw the horn, he asked if he could give it a try. Wow. A few neighbors knew something different was happening at Karin's house! Rune had played cornet in his youth, so handling this horn was not too much of a problem. We begged him to play it at the event. We also brought along several of Karin's percussion instruments from Africa.

    So at the beginning of each session, the troops were called back into the meeting room with Rune's Revielle played on the alpine horn. What a sound! I wish Boyd had gotten some footage of that!

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