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Last Post 03/24/2016 4:44 PM by  Cheryl Bench
New Blue Violet Emerald Waves! L.A. Conscious Life Expo
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Cheryl Bench

02/22/2016 9:57 AM
    Last weekend David gave a wonderful talk at the L.A.Conscious Life Expo on the new blue, violet and emerald wave frequencies we are experiencing now. One woman said to me at the end of the talk- "The energy in this room is awesome! My body is still shaking!" We had many wonderful conversations with folks from all around the U.S. at this event.

    When I was walking on the beach this morning I was inspired by David's talk about the "waves" to write this poem "Beautiful Waves"

    Beautiful Waves

    I am delighted by the beautiful waves
    rolling onto the shore 'neath the morning sun

    Unceasingly they come one after the other
    spreading out their white frothy fingers
    to reach as far as possible
    before sliding back into their home of watery inhabitants

    Violet waves of joy
    Emerald waves of healing
    Pink waves of loving kindness
    Golden waves of wisdom's grace

    Birds delight in the morning air
    Abundance is flowing in on every wave
    I receive the flow and breathe in the abundance of light and energy
    carried onto the shore

    It purifies my mind, my heart and my body

    I am blessed and renewed in the rainbow of Mother Ocean's
    beautiful, abundant waves of joy

    I send my gratitude and love back to into the waves
    as they flow back to reach some far distant shore


    02/22/2016 11:30 PM
    Cheryl, thank you so much for your comments on some of what transpired at this expo! I Am thrilled
    that some responded with such a heartfelt reaction! Praise God and David and all who supported this
    incredibly important mission! I was amazed how many people were presenting tables there. Had no idea how this
    event was.

    Cheryl Bench

    03/24/2016 4:44 PM
    It was an amazing event - so much energy and packed with all manner of new age offerings! I'm really glad I went. ;-)
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