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Last Post 07/03/2015 10:36 AM by  edward
BEATING ALZHEIMER'S - A step towards unlocking the mysteries of brain diseases by Tom Warren 1991
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07/03/2015 10:36 AM
    The Remarkable Story of How One Man Reversed the Devastating Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease. 1991

    What This Book Is About...
    When Tom Warren was diagnosed as having Alzheimer's disease, neither he, a successful insurance agent, nor his wife, a pharmacologist, accepted the doctor's finding as final. While no one had ever documented a reversal of Alzheimer's, they refused to believe there was nothing they could do. For six years, Tom -- during his lucid periods -- and his wife pored through all the medical literature, both orthodox and alternative. What they found, as astonishing as it sounds, was enough information for Tom Warren to develop an effective treatment that would beat his "incurable" disease.

    Beating Alzheimer's is the true story of Tom Warren and his experience with Alzheimer's disease. In it, Tom outlines the step-by-step plan that he followed to free himself from the grips of this relentless disease. Tom includes the latest documented research that explains why his treatment worked, and why it may also work for other related brain diseases

    Although this nontoxic, noninvasive treatment is relatively new, as word has spread, many physicians have contacted Tom and put their patients on his program with positive results. This book makes this plan directly available to the general public for the first time.

    Beating Alzheimer's.
    "Impossible!" you say?
    Incredible as it may seem, the man who wrote this book was given the diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease, a diagnosis as dreaded as cancer to most people.

    What a predicament: To be sentenced for the rest of your life to a world of increasing forgetfulness. To be a burden to those around you. To be found wandering the streets of your neighborhood not knowing you way home, unable to dress or feed yourself, not recognizing your children or your spouse when they walk into the room.

    And yet, that is what awaits most people who receive this diagnosis.

    Traditional medicine with all of its modern technology and thousands of "wonder" drugs has nothing to offer.

    How is it, then that Tom Warren, author of this book, was able to recover from such an incurable disease and now lives a meaningful, useful life?

    Tom had to take responsibility for his health into his own hands and, through extensive reading, was able to find the crucial steps that led to his recovery. Tom's step-by-step plan is available for everyone. I have seem this treatment work for many patients who have had other "hopeless" diseases: these people were transformed into active, happy, alert human being again. Numerous patients who were told, "It's all in your head," are now free from symptoms after diagnosis and treatment of food allergies, environmental sensitivities, sub-clinicall mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and toxic dental materials

    Says Tom Warren, "The road to recovery is not an easy path or a straight line, nor is it fast. Rather, it is a cobblestone road of many tiny lifestyle changes, each a progressive step toward enlightenment that brings ever-increasing vitality and clarity of thought."

    If you are ready to take that path, I urge you to read this book!
    Sandra Denton, MD
    Director of Medical Services
    Huggins Diagnostic Center

    Page 10, First x-ray report, with diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.
    Page 11, First x-rays, which show brain atrophy and Alzheimer's.
    Page 14, Second x-ray report, with diagnosis of no brain atrophy and negative findings.
    Page 15,Second x-ray, which show that Alzheimer's had reversed.

    AARP Bulletin, January-February 2015 Vol 56 No. 1, page16 second column first paragraph
    Experts emphasize that the severe decline in mental capacity caused by Alzheimer's IS NOT A NORMAL SIGN OF AGING. The minor problems that people describe as "senior moments" -- you can't find your keys one morning, or you can't pull up the name of the group that sang "Stop! In the Name of Love" -- are common and not indicative of any disease. Signs of a clinical state of dementia, in contrast are much more serious: You can never remember where you put your keys, or you have trouble remembering just about anybody's name. 2015

    Beating Alzheimer's: A Step Towards Unlocking The Mysteries of Brain Diseases by Tom Warren, ISBN 0-89529-488-5, $13.63.

    Do NOT have your amalgams removed without going through ALL the steps!

    Dr. Huggins' book, entitled It's All in Your Head, gives the above emphatic warning on page 110, ISBN 978-0-89529-550-7. It is a warning which is all too frequently ignored by patients to their own detriment.

    There are acceptable alternatives to amalgam, but these alternatives need to be determined on a patient by patient basis (through proper serum compatibility testing). There is no one material which is safe for all people. Consequently, amalgam replacement needs to be approached with all the proper steps in their proper sequence.

    Again, we want to emphasize that Huggins Diagnostic Center receives numerous calls each day from patients who have violated this warning, had their amalgams removed without following the complete protocol, and who are now worse than before. In line with this, we have had patients report that they have gone into shock, that they have thrown premature ventricular contractions (PVC's), or that they have ended up in the hospital or mental institution -- all because they haven"t gone through the necessary steps.

    Remember, the actual dentistry is the last of a series of steps in the required protocol. Page 145, 146.

    Dental fillings containing mercury banned in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.




    MERCURY FREE DENTISTRY (Dentist in your area)



    Thank You, my Beloved Afra
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    Thank you, my Beloved Divine Heartfriend for letting me play with you.

    Live, Long and Be Healthy

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