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Last Post 01/24/2012 12:13 AM by  Jeanette
Kin's Domain
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Sun Disc

04/16/2010 12:35 PM
    Anastasia spends a significant amount of time describing the benefits of having a Kin's Domain.


    She is primarily interested in people owning and living on their own parcel of ground, one's own "Motherland," which is large enough to sustain its inhabitants, allowing people to love the land and reconnect with the forces of nature and their creator.

    She recommends that the size of the lot be about one hectare (approximately 2.5 acres). People can build a "living fence" by planting trees and bushes around the perimeter of the property. Gardens and fruit trees can be placed throughout the grounds, and goats, hens, bees and other animals can be kept in areas that prevent the garden from being trampled.

    These suggestions by Anastasia were obviously intended to influence both the people and the government of Russia into creating a new paradigm that would allow people to own land in perpetuity and ultimately change the economic conditions for millions of people, yet the idea has caught on in countries around the world, with many people and organizations now promoting similar ideas.

    05/19/2010 10:52 PM
    Anastasia has changed my world view. As I drive along freeways and mountain roads, I now look at the scenery through different eyes. Of the nine books in the Ringing Cedars series about Anastasia, the recluse from Russia, I am now on book number eight. I'm looking at the land as future places for Kin's domains and wondering how much the owners love the land and the plants and vegetation growing there. With a slight shift in consciousness, the owners of vacant lots and abandoned land might transform these places into verdant oases. On agricultural land where crops are grown for cash rather than for love, how would this shift change both the look and feeling of these vast open spaces?

    In a small space that I call my backyard, I have dedicated a piece of land to my new garden. I'm very happy to have started this garden, even a month or so late due to the rains and unusual weather here in California. About a year ago I contacted a local beekeeper and now I have two beehives in my backyard. Even though this happened before I actually started reading the Anastasia books, my friend had told me about these books and I know Anastasia’s thoughts were in the air.

    Please let me know if anybody else who has been reading Anastasia books has had your world view changed and if you also are starting a garden and raising bees.
    David C Lewis

    05/20/2010 1:47 PM
    My world view is also irrevocably changed by the beautiful Russian mystic and visionary Anastasia! I attended the first Ringing Cedars Worshop in the United States in Olympia, Washington conducted by Dr. Leonid Sharashkin, the editor for the English translations of the books. It was wonderful! I highly recommend his seminars, which bring lots of joy, laughter and consciousness to all.

    I've read all nine books and they have changed not only my view but my life. I am much more conscious about all of nature's processes and miracles and especially my relationship with the living Bible that is God's beautiful Earth.

    I pray that all nations shall adopt Anastasia's recommendation to allow every family to "own" their own parcel of land. Even though from one perspective I don't feel that we can "own" the earth (as native people's felt) we can tend and care for the land that is "ours" when we have a vested interest in it by ownership.

    Let's spread this message far and wide and create a tipping point across the earth that the time for Anastasia's vision is NOW!

    01/24/2012 12:13 AM
    "Life is easy" says Jon Jandai. "Why do we have to make it so difficult?" After pursuing "success" in Bangkok for several years, Jo dropped out of university to return to village life. There, he went back to the life he knew as a child, working 2 months of the year to grow rice (with an additional 15 minutes a day to grow vegetables), dug a couple of fish ponds, built his own homes using earthen bricks, and gave up buying clothes (he has so many clothes from friends and visitors that he has to give them away). Jo contends that to be happy, we cannot just rely on money; we have to reconnect with each other. Watch here http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=2747

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