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Last Post 10/22/2014 7:45 PM by  Dwight Callaway
Tom and Penelope Pauley's "QUANTUM SELLING" material?
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Dwight Callaway

10/22/2014 7:45 PM
    Is everyone aware of Tom Pauley's more advanced material which they talk about on their newsletter and various linked sales video clips??

    I have been reading and doing their book for a few weeks, actually started it years ago, but stopped it for some reason.

    It is called "Quantum Selling", also called "Quantum Marketing".

    Quantum Selling may be very similar to HEARTSTREAMING. It could be used for "telepathically" -- mentally and from the heart -- contacting every one in the world and inviting them to come to the Heartscenter.org site, as only one example. It can be used to attract customers - "sold and ready to order" to your business. Very similar to what Philip described. Or to melt a grouchy person, heal a relationship, like David mentioned with the "wood chip lady".

    It would be extremely powerful, imo, if practiced by a group on a common goal, or a list of common goals, perhaps one at a time.

    Some Other Questions:

    Are Tom and Penelope students of the Ascended Masters? Are they aware of this class? Does David and others know them personally?

    Any information, questions or comments on this apprecicated.
    Dwight Callaway
    dwightcallaway--- at ---- yahoodotcom
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