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Last Post 05/17/2014 8:49 AM by  David C Lewis
Maximus and Progeneta's Heartstream today!/ Call
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Cheryl Bench

05/08/2014 8:30 AM
    What a great blessing it was to receive Maximus and Progeneta's release today! I am so grateful!! I also wanted to share with Heartfriends
    a call I wrote from a previous Heartstream given by Maximus and Progeneta on April 25, 2012.
    *Patterns and Waves of Victory
    Beloved Maximus and Progeneta

    Beloved Maximus and Progeneta
    We call upon your mastery
    To activate our higher powers -
    Magnanimous streams of energy!

    As we place attention
    Upon our source divine
    Crystalline patterns of spirit flow
    Manifesting intent sublime

    Progenitors of light and life,
    Re-generate our chakras!
    Releasing divine essences
    Vital to our destiny

    We enter into silence
    The Great Cosmic Mother Flow
    Where secrets of Omega's heart
    And blessed creativity grows!

    Beloved Angel of Élan -
    Help us fulfill our projects
    Release the blocks and see us through
    To manifest our highest

    O Maximus and Progeneta
    Now maximize our light
    To the Nth and Z degree
    Of our own Presence bright!

    We thank you blessed Masters
    For showing how we may
    Reach up into infinity
    The timeless, spaceless way

    To manifest God-glory
    Patterns and waves of light
    Radiating Victory in
    A Loving, Perfected Life!

    *The words and phrases from this prayer are taken
    From Progeneta's Heartstream from April 25, 2012

    Call to the Angel of Élan and the Angel of Progeneta
    To aid you with your projects - give the specific details
    To move you through impasses of life and into theme
    manifestation of your highest goals and dreams.

    David C Lewis

    05/17/2014 8:49 AM
    Thanks, Cheryl. This is beautiful! BLESS YOU!
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