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Last Post 04/14/2014 8:03 AM by  Sun Disc
Meru 1405 In The Garden with Anastasia II
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Sun Disc

04/14/2014 8:03 AM

    Sunday June 17, 2014
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm MDT

    Sponsor: Anastasia
    Instructors: David Lewis and Mona Lewis

    Part 1 Solar Living for Today

    David Lewis will share Anastasia's teachings on solar living and conscious gardening including . . .
    * Attuning and adapting to the shifting solar cycles
    * Learning from weather patterns and weather changes
    * Processing solar light in the garden and in nature by using current simple technologies
    * Co-creating a new solar civilization

    Prepare your questions for Anastasia related to permaculture and solar living.

    Part 2 Nurturing Ones Self and One's Family through Solar Living

    Mona, steeped in years of experience creating permaculture gardens, will explain how the solar light within all life nourishes us and guides us in our . . .
    * Gardening
    * Landscape Design
    * Plant Placement
    * Cooking and Preserving of our Food

    As time permits she will present design ideas for a solar oven and a solar food dehydrator.
    Her students will learn how to use and optimize permaculture solar concepts and methods to design and plant sacred gardens and growing spaces. These designs will include . . .
    * Terrace Gardening
    * Companion Planting, called "guilds," to create balanced diversity.

    This polyculture setting imitates the variety of natural ecosystems. It combines certain trees, bushes, food plants, herbs and flowers that cooperate in the same environment for long-term sustainability Plan to have your hands in the soil and your face in the sun and the Montana breeze.
    Plan to fill your basket with gardening and food preparation ideas you are so excited to try as soon as you return home.
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