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Last Post 04/09/2014 1:52 PM by  Cheryl Bench
The Gospel of Mary Magdalen
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Cheryl Bench

04/09/2014 1:52 PM
    The Gospel of Mary Magdalene was first discovered in 1896, nearly half a century before the Nag Hammadi texts were unearthed, by a German collector in an antiquities market in Cairo, Egypt. However, these important writings did not appear in English until 1955!

    In her gospel, Mary Magdalene encourages and instructs the disciples (as we learned in MU 1404 last week) to not become disheartened or doubtful, but to recall Jesus' teachings and how he he prepared them "to become fully human." Cynthia Bourgeault,an Episcopal Priest, in her wonderful book "The Meaning of Mary Magdalene : Discovering the woman at the heart of Christianity," explains this mystical teaching and how the realization of this concept is "an integration of the opposites within oneself - specifically bringing together the male and female principles within the individual human psyche..."

    She goes on the say that "when this happens, the world does not pass away, but one is able to live in it as master, re-creating its external forms ("making one image supercede another") out of the infinite generativity of the One.

    Cynthia describes beautifully how Mary Magdalene had indeed earned the right to be Jesus' foremost disciple, as she herself manifested this state of being "fully human" and yet able to maintain attunement with Jesus when he was out of his body (possibly during the 3 days when he descended into hell). Her mastery also allowed the spirit to flow through her being and emanate graces to shift the other disciples emotional state and turn their hearts toward the good."

    This is a well-researched and masterfully written book, which I felt the need to share with all those in MU 1404 and others who want to know and understand more about Beloved Magda and all that she can teach us also, as we desire and attempt to become "fully human."

    Blessings of the Divine Feminine,
    Cheryl Bench
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