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Last Post 04/04/2014 5:42 PM by  godfregal
El Morya I Love You!
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Dee Stewart

04/04/2014 1:04 PM
    El Morya I Love You!

    When I look up into the skies,
    I imagine I am looking into El Morya’s Eyes,

    As the birds flutter and peep,
    El Morya’s eyes twinkle with a little wink.

    Maybe one day, it will not be the skies,
    That will allow me to look into his eyes.

    However; until that day I will continue to pray,
    And I just desire now to say,
    I Love you El Morya, and I always will,
    My panting heart please be still!

    Thank you My Dear Arthur so True,
    And the turbaned one I love in Blue,
    I often see you in my dreams,
    Talking with you near a bubbling stream.

    Have I ever known you in the flesh?
    I am not sure; I’ll leave that question as a test!

    Happy Birthday, My Khan, My love,
    I’ll continue to look into the sky and
    Send my love as a beautiful blue dove.

    04/04/2014 5:42 PM
    I love you, too, El Morya!!! My father's name was Elmore, and I think he may be a disciple of yours although he didn't consciously know it in this life. He was of sterling character, however, and did his best to raise 5 girls and a boy. I am the oldest and if you sent me to him and my mother, I thank you! I hope you are guiding them now.
    I am so grateful for your choosing Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet as your messengers, and for your sponsorship now of The Hearts Center, your Aura book, and our Talk Radio show coming up. When I found The Summit Lighthouse in 1975 I told Mother I felt I was coming home. When I sat with 13 others in Summit University's 2nd level class in 1979 her love so filled the room it was tangible. I'm sure part of it was your love, too! She said she didn't care if we wore blue every day. And now we have your "New Blue"! Thank you!!! Thank you for all the blessings of my life and helping me to get back on track whenever I stray a little. Or a lot! Thank you for accepting me as a friend and compatriot of Light! Keep me close to you always, and please keep on blessing our beloved Messenger David and our beloved Hearts Center. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! All my love always,
    Patricia Ann Murphy
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