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Last Post 02/04/2014 4:01 PM by  Ann
going gluten free!
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02/04/2014 4:01 PM
    Hi all,
    I highly recommend going gluten free. It will help your digestion and your brain. In my experience, and Alan as well, gluten causes depression! the gut health affects the brain. Gluten is even linked to schizophrenia! It is strong stuff.

    The gluten free grains are: millet, quinoa, amaranth, corn polenta, wild rice, rice buckwheat and teff. Some of these are heirloom and teff is the traditional grain of Africa. Some of these grains are from small organic food pioneers, whom I like to support. They are grains of the new age!
    Amaranth and quinoa are super nutritious grains, considered superfoods. These grains fed the Incan empire.

    There is a popular book right now, Wheat Belly, written by cardiologist William Davis. He has seen 2,000 patients gain health on a gluten free diet and the book tells how wheat has been hybridized to be indigestible.

    The leader in wheat free grains, cereals, and flours is BOBS RED MILL.COMPANY. Bob is a real person and he and his company are devoted to quality and are food pioneers, making good pure whole grain products for decades.

    When you go gluten free your health improves and your mood lightens. I feel the most effect on mood. If I get wheat, I get moody! If this happens inadvertently, there is a natural supplement called SAM-E. I am not sure what it is, but it lifts your mood almost immediately!

    Bobs red mill test every batch of their gluten free products. Not all the products are gluten free, so look for the gluten free page on their site. They are also widely available in grocery stores, at least here in Texas. My local grocery has a whole aisle of gluten free foods. But not all are healthy, some are heavily process. Always read labels and buy real food--ingredients you could grown in your garden.



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