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Last Post 12/14/2013 12:30 PM by  Sun Disc
Meru 1402 The Ascended Masters Speak
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Sun Disc

12/14/2013 12:30 PM
    MERU 1402


    David C. Lewis
    Jackie Fleder

    Wednesday Jan 22, 2014 7-8 pm MT El Morya
    Wednesday Feb 19, 2014 7-8 pm MT Mother Mary
    Wednesday Mar 19, 2014 7-8 pm MT Afra
    Wednesday Apr 23, 2014 7-8 pm MT Kuan Yin
    Wednesday May 21, 2014 7-8 pm MT El Morya
    Wednesday Jun 11, 2014 7-8 pm MT Mother Mary
    Wednesday July 23, 2014 7-8 pm MT Afra
    Wednesday Aug 20, 2014 7-8 pm MT Kuan Yin
    Wednesday Sep 17, 2014 7-8 pm MT El Morya
    Wednesday Oct 22, 2014 7-8 pm MT Mother Mary
    Wednesday Nov 19, 2014 7-8 pm MT Afra
    Wednesday Dec 17, 2014 7-8 pm MT Kuan Yin

    Four unique, life-altering topics will stir your heart and challenge you to go deeper and higher in your quest for self-mastery.

    Four magnificent ascended masters will inspire you with their perspectives on . . .

    THE HUMAN AURA The ascended master El Morya will elaborate on the human aura. Have you read his recent book, ADVANCED STUDIES OF THE HUMAN AURA? If you have, you may wonder what else the master could add to his profound concepts and magnificent revelations regarding auras - ours,
    the sun's . . . and the Great Central Sun's! And so much more. His 33 messages in ADVANCED STUDIES OF THE HUMAN AURA take us where no other teachings on the human aura have gone. And now there is more from Morya. Join David C. Lewis and El Morya every third month in this exciting study (January, May, September).

    ABUNDANCE Are you satisfied with your life? Are you fulfilled in your most important relationships? Do you feel safe, secure and know that all you desire is available to you? Are all of your benign desires being met? Join Mother Mary and our own heartfriend alchemist, Jackie Fleder, as they underscore and expand on the keys and steps to miraculous abundance as shared by authors Thomas and Penelope Pauley in I'M RICH BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS, a book worth your investment (February, June, October).

    LOVE, BROTHERHOOD AND FREEDOM David comes with beloved Afra to speak on Aquarian Age living - a time when everyone is naturally his "brother's keeper." Afra's flame, his calling card is brotherly, sisterly love, unity and living our lives in total freedom, freedom to be God. Through Afra's heart, you will understand the true oneness of all mankind and all sentient life. Get to know Master Afra more intimately through these three classes. Hear Afra define "brotherhood" in ways you may never have thought of (March, July, November).

    MERCY AND COMPASSION Where would the earth be without the ministrations of the Goddess of Mercy, our beloved Kuan Yin? During these three sessions hear David, inspired by Kuan Yin, delve into the meanings of mercy. How many ways may we express mercy in our lives? This series will show us. We will learn to better discern God's mercy toward us and to more readily have mercy on ourselves! And what of compassion? Kuan Yin will help us to get to the place of continual tender-heartedness, if we are willing (April, August, December).

    THE STUDENTS SPEAK! All sessions are interactive. We look forward to hearing your insights during each Q and A segment, and anytime during the class through the chat option. Interaction is entirely optional. We love hearing from you though because we know you will have an insight, an experience meant for all of us to hear, that only you can share.

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