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Last Post 02/28/2014 3:35 PM by  Ann
Meditation With My Twin Flame
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03/31/2013 3:19 PM
    Re-posted from another forum

    Meditation With My Twin Flame

    At the secret chamber of my heart,
    We found an open door.
    With hopeful hearts we walked right in,
    Its’ wonders to explore.

    We stepped into the three-fold flame
    And sat upon the floor,
    In lotus posture we basked within
    This blessing of amoure

    Within this chamber of the heart,
    Our twin flames did ignite
    Radiant plumes of dazzling light
    Blazing oh so bright.

    Our flames expanded as solar flares
    Emanating fiery beams
    Until these flames entwined each other
    With radiant cosmic streams.

    Our twin flames now have merged as one
    It is an eternal flame.
    And it will always be that way
    In God’s own I AM name.

    Cheryl Bench

    02/26/2014 9:27 PM
    This is so beautiful, Thank you Eileen.

    I offer the following also on my Twin Flame

    My Beloved

    You are here in my heart,
    deep within

    Though I look for you outside
    of myself

    It is a no-win situation

    You are tied to my very

    Feeling everything I feel

    You were there in the darkness,
    when nothing seemed real

    You are love itself
    demonstrated daily

    Drawing me up out of the pit
    saying "This is the way, dear"

    "Make a place for me, my love
    give me your attention"

    For I desire your presence
    your conscious awareness and

    Although we are on opposite
    sides of the river

    One day the spark will fly
    home to it's source

    and the separation will
    be over !

    I love you my dearest
    with a longing in my soul

    No earthly connection can
    fulfill - for this divine desire
    is to be whole

    This wholeness has one destiny --
    one passion -- one purpose

    to prove the way home through divine love
    - the staircase that spans the octaves


    02/28/2014 3:35 PM
    Thank you Cheryl, this is beautiful! Divine love does indeed span the universe!
    Ann S.
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