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Last Post 03/17/2013 6:51 AM by  Patricia
Assignment - Poem to Twin Flame - 7 Holy Kumaras class
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03/16/2013 4:11 PM
Donna Drigan -Twin Flame

From our marriage in the Sun we came to Earth anew
Repeating our marriage vows with Lord Zaldkiel too
Again in each lifetime we would come to Earth alone
Pledge our love to the one God and wait to see what life brings
Again in many lifetimes sometimes we did wed or you would be a
Brother or a friend to me instead
And in this this very lifetime we did bond to God alone
But never did I realize you lived very near my home
Yes, In this very lifetime at first sight did I think
It strange to feel you so familiar
My prayer to God come true with instant recognition of a deeper mystery
That I was not aware of til I was wed to you
Even when you left me and heaven were you bound
That never did you leave me you were still connected to my soul
That surely in my heart right now I am made whole
My Three Fold Flame I meditate on with you within my heart
That one day I will also ascend and never shall we part


03/16/2013 4:47 PM
Beloved Twin Flame,
I thank you for being there for my recently transcended husband, Russ.
I sense you are good friends as I easily see you laughing together and
having a chuckle over some of my challenges -
Thank you for visiting with Russ! I haven't necessarily handled the business the same
way Russ would have and yet things are going well!
Thank you for helping me! and for the encouragement you have been!

Beloved Twin Flame,
I thank you for your sense of humor as I always see you laughing
and smiling
You have answered many questions and once I had a remarkable dream
about you - you looked kind of like the father of "Rhoda", a television
sitcom of years ago. I felt an amazing love FROM you in this dream; and my
soul also responded in love FOR you......strange, I never felt
attracted to Rhoda's father - except for this "look-alike" twin flame, YOU,
in that dream!

Beloved Twin Flame,
I love you, I am sorry for any disharmony in me in the past,
please forgive me, THANK YOU!


03/17/2013 4:20 AM
One heart, One soul
Together Forever

We will always be one heart, one soul
Together forever, one with all life

You’re a song in my soul, a light in my heart
We love and serve together, forever

Always One heart, One soul

03/17/2013 4:35 AM
Alan wrote this to me on Valentines day! Ann

The Gardener and the Cook

It was a match made in Heaven
So perfect it was.
God sent them to earth
On the wings of the Dove

When they came back together,
the gardener knew,
It was his job to plant seeds
of mirth to renew

The cook took the harvest and
Mixed it with love.
The meals were so wonderful,
God thanked them from above.

Each season that passes,
Changes occur.
But one thing is constant,
Their love will endure!

03/17/2013 6:51 AM
Many years go in Minneapolis,
Mother said an amazing thing
That moved my heart with bells to ring

She said that if our twin flame so fair
Was embodied in the world somewhere
When he (or she) came into the Teachings
He would bring many souls with him(far-reaching!)

This brought to me a ray of hope
A lovely thought to quell the smoke
Of separation intensely felt
As I longed for someone my heart to melt!

The years have passed and no one appeared
To fulfill my dreams (though some quite weird)
Were sent to me 'cause they needed healing
God's favorite trick to keep me feeling

That I am doing my sacred labor
Which I do enjoy and greatly savor.
And someone told me my twin so bright
Has been knocking out fallen ones left and right

As he worked in Intelligence of some sort
And even some day may come to court.
Well time is running out, my dear,
My 80's approaching all too near!

So unless I get a healing rod
or go to Hollow Earth for another bod,
I may have to wait 'till we're both in heaven
To share with you that wonderful leaven

That makes Earth living a bit more fun
Just being with your wonderful one
Like Mother once said though in S.U. class,
It's O.K. to want marriage to lad or lass

It can make you more willing to stay on Earth
And experience Morya's twinkle of mirth.

Patricia Murphy Carlson

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