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Last Post 03/17/2013 6:51 AM by  Patricia
Assignment - Poem to Twin Flame - 7 Holy Kumaras class
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03/13/2013 10:15 AM
    One Heartbeat Away
    Marian Preston Schroedl

    Sitting here participating
    typing words in modern ways
    "My Twin Flame is with me now!"
    Affirming a long forgotten prayer
    When suddenly a rush of rosy light
    Projected down its crystal beam
    I could not see your face
    nor know you
    more than one knows their own self
    divided one and the same
    In the faint light of misty morning
    surprising, subtle feelings
    woven in amazing ways
    we spent the day
    doing mundane chores
    grocery shopping
    You asked me what was in the jar
    "Don't know. Shall I buy some
    and taste it for us?"
    "No", you said,
    "Just wanted you to ask."
    Playful, kind, gentle
    laughter of my soul
    how I have missed you.
    Evening came - I must let go
    as you drew away
    the answer to my unspoken question
    rained in fragrant petals of remembrance
    Here I am one heartbeat away.

    03/14/2013 4:33 AM
    To My Twin Flame
    I have often seen you in my dreams
    And walked with you midst moonlight beams
    And have kissed 'neath the starry skies
    Then watched together early sunrise
    I, wondering when our dreams will be
    Not a dream, but a reality
    When we become what's meant to be
    Bonded Twins for Eternity.
    (Caroline Dunnigan)
    David Keil

    03/14/2013 7:18 AM
    Star bursts unleashed flood our hearth and home
    the gate of our embraced hearts swings wide
    for love has filled the air
    music raises her head from slumber

    Lilac's sweet petals dance on the fragrance to light's Holy pause
    united in one breath our lives entwined with God's own pulse
    glistening tears fall through smiling gazes sheen
    swept in cosmic dust as meadows fall beneath

    Our gossamer wings of solar light open wide to hold earth's assent
    Calls echo from distant realms sharing knowing intent
    the very ground awakens her ancient seeds
    Purity's radiance has given them our lead

    Star bursts unleashed flood ever hearth and home
    the gates of our embraced hearts swings wide
    for True Love has filled the air
    Mother earth raises her her head from slumber
    Dee Stewart

    03/15/2013 10:07 AM

    by Dee Stewart

    It is hard for me to believe that you exist,
    Because I have never felt your tender kiss,
    Yet that tugging has never stopped,
    That one desire for you to touch my heart,
    I have often shed tears of pain,
    Never feeling that I could live again.

    My heart now skips a languished beat,
    As a murmur and a flash of sizzling heat,
    Could it be that you do exist,
    even though
    I have not felt your kiss?

    I hear a small tiny voice within,
    It causes a stirring and a tempest wind,
    Believe, Believe, I do exist,
    And now feel my loving kiss.

    Oh God, Could this Be,
    That you created someone just for me?
    All my life, I have felt bereft,
    And now I believe and know you have never left.

    Because I now Believe,
    That you and my Beloved live within me,
    And I am becoming who I was always meant to be,
    I just received a flutter and touch of peace,
    Oh I believe and not the least,
    A kiss was placed upon my brow,
    And yes, I believe “Now”.

    I Love You!
    Lisa Delaney

    03/16/2013 5:15 AM
    To My Beloved Twin Flame,

    Each morn, I enjoy the warmth of your shining heart
    And feel your tender care no matter the part.
    Hand in hand we walk down the trails of life
    Avoiding puddles and stepping over the strife.

    God blesses us each day,
    And did so from the very start.
    Dearest Claire de Lis and Lanello
    Always send love from their hearts.

    Our mission is to work together
    And in the process arrive at the Sun.
    While our gifts are quite different,
    Working it out brings us to the One.

    Like the poets of old say, love is the key.
    And I see your shining Presence whatever may be.
    The job is surrendering to Our heart of love.
    Together we will arrive at our home high above.
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