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Last Post 03/31/2013 3:12 AM by  lightson
Poems of Love
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03/17/2013 1:39 PM

Divine Love’s Intimacy

The explosion of sunlight
across the landscape of inner vision
Creates the cartographical coordinates
of divine love’s ebullient and elegant precision.

Sensibly forgiving, it assuages
the cacophonous carnage of chaos
With its ethereally edenic edifying electrons
of transformative transcending Theos.

How many ways do I love the robust and romantic
revivifying reseeding of reality?
I adore unlimited transcendences of solar truth,
expressed as the infinite dimensions of eternity.
Sharon Longshaw

03/26/2013 1:37 PM
To Know

To you my beloved twin flame either above or below,
Your sweet embrace I desire to know.
To feel your presence when we caress,
I will know that I am blessed.
To know that inner joy and peace,
I will know that I an free.
Even though this poem is short and sweet,
You and I will be as one for eternity.
Deborah Timberlake

03/31/2013 1:25 AM
A tap on my shoulder and a whisper in my ear

My heart leapt and I felt the tingle all the way through to my fingers

The glance of my beloved. Oh, when we look into each other’s eyes, our souls speak to each other, our lifetimes together fold one in to another
There is comfort in knowing you then and learning more about you now in this lifetime

As we walk side by side; arm and arm
Our love expands across the planet
Touching every heart, creating a beautiful violet web glistening in the morning dew

My prayers of long ago have been answered.

03/31/2013 3:12 AM
Beloved I know not where you are,
But know you are my brightest star
Should I just once see your sun
We'd be together always as one!
Heaven would see us have much fun!
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