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Last Post 03/31/2013 3:12 AM by  lightson
Poems of Love
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Joyce Genis

03/17/2013 5:00 AM
I have a twin flame who is sweet,
Someday we surely will meet.
We are twain, yet are one,
This is joy and great fun,
To be parted, yet soon so complete!

03/17/2013 6:13 AM
My friend of wisdom knows my heart, our love is great and will not part when storms come;
We remain in the center close in spirit of togetherness and our love abounds around.
Rosa Pradis

03/17/2013 6:54 AM

Cuando en meditación estuve When I was in meditation
y tus ojos azules vi, and I saw your blue eyes,
Sentí como mi alma I felt that my soul
Se unió tí. Was one with thee.

Sentí como tu amor I felt how your love
Me envolvió completamente, Enveloped me completly,
Y los dos unidos fuimos And both of us were united
En alma, corazón y mente. In soul, heart and mind.

Te amo porque eres mío I love you because you are mine
Te amo porque estás en mí, I love you because you are in me,
Y en la unión de nuestras almas And in our soul reunion
Pronto estaré en tí. Soon I will be with thee.
Richard Lorenz

03/17/2013 9:47 AM
On Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus' story:

The holy Kumaras above
Inspired a blest couple's love.
. . . Their children on earth
. . . Will impel Love's rebirth
Assuring earth's vict'ry thereof.
Richard Lorenz

03/17/2013 9:55 AM
Here's what I read in class:

God is in my heart –
That’s where he wants to be.
I am His favorite resting place
On land or air or sea.

He lifts my spirits high
And holds for me all care –
Telling me I can be free
If I would only dare.

He stirs a fire deep,
Awakening my soul,
And I recall the myst’ry of
A long-forgotten goal.

He clears my sleepy eyes
And shows which way to go.
My mind cannot quite comprehend –
Real progress seems so slow.

He guides my ev’ry step
To save me from a fall.
Still I stumble as I walk –
I yet won’t give my all.

He offers me His Light
From shadows to be free.
My eyes are weak, I shut them tight –
I’m so afraid to see.

Still He holds my hand –
I am His child of Love.
Patiently He waits for me
To learn to look above.

The creatures of this earth
Are good yet are not All.
My soul is yearning to be filled –
For help I start to call.

God draws me to His Flame,
Delights to watch me learn
To walk and speak, to run and sing –
My heart begins to burn.

I search to find the Prize
On which my joy depends.
I help my friends along the way –
A certain Peace descends.

Then when I look above
The pall and sense of sin,
I find my God and realize
He’s always been within!

My spirit leaps in joy –
My Treasure is so near!
God always was and always will
Be there to give me cheer.

I Am a Son of God,
A spark from God’s own Heart.
I came to earth to work the task
He gave me at the start.

Once I make my vow
To live for God alone,
All Harmony will come to me –
For errors I’ll atone.

Though conflicts may arise
With family, friend and foe,
My life becomes one long delight
And Love through me will flow.

At length my work is done –
No more on earth to roam.
I’ll then ascend in majesty
And enter my true Home.

The spark of God in me
Has full expression won.
For God in me and I in Him
Are joined – not two, but One.

Yet ever more we grow
Much closer than before
While helping those on earth below
To find the sacred door.

Yes, God is in our hearts –
That’s where He’ll always be.
He’s All that’s real for you and me
For all eternity.
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