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Last Post 03/31/2013 3:12 AM by  lightson
Poems of Love
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Sun Disc

03/02/2013 8:50 PM

    Venus and Adonis

    Please write a love poem and share it with us in this forum!
    cindy hackenberg

    03/10/2013 4:23 PM
    Beloved Twin Flame ever bright,
    ever glowing in the light,
    I thank you for your selfless love
    from shining heavenly realms above.
    United in our joy as one
    let us merge with the Sun.
    Britt-Marie P

    03/13/2013 11:54 AM
    To my twinflame above

    I love you
    I feel your presence sublime - inside of me
    I thank you for ever being there
    Even if I am not always aware of you
    I now know - you`re ever there
    Together we will conquer every obstacles
    That for eons tried to hold us forever apart
    But now - the time has come - for joining our hearts
    And forever - never - be apart

    Where ever I look - I see your loving face
    Before, behind, inside of me and all around
    Our souls are forever entwined
    I am you - and you are me
    And you are always a part inside
    And together our hearts are bound
    to love – to be – forever one

    Our hearts are swirling around
    And together we´re raising to the sky
    In joy and in laughter we fly
    Because – our love - and we - can never die!

    Joy Ma

    03/14/2013 7:48 AM
    One Heartbeat Away
    Marian Preston Schroedl

    Sitting here participating
    typing words in modern ways
    "My Twin Flame is with me now."
    Affirming a long forgotten prayer
    when suddenly a rush of rosy light
    project down its crystal beam
    I could not see your face
    Nor know you
    more than one knows their own self
    divided one and the same.
    In the faint light of misty morning
    surprising, subtle feelings
    woven in amazing ways.
    We spent the day
    doing mundane chores
    grocery shopping
    You ask me what was in the jar
    "Don't know." Shall I buy some
    and taste it for us? "No" you said
    "Just wanted you to ask."
    Playful, kind, gentle
    Laughter of my soul
    How I have missed you.
    Evening came, I must let go
    as you drew away
    the answer to my silent question
    rained in fragrant petals of remembrance
    Here I AM, one heartbeat away.

    donald galvin

    03/15/2013 3:03 PM
    My Love Poem to You, Heartfriends!

    I am a love being
    That dropped down from Venus.
    I am a fellow warrior
    And I got work to finish.

    Shot straight from above
    And landing on Terra's shore,
    Saw the work to be done
    And vowed not to return
    'Til it was all o'er.

    I am a Venusian of old.
    Born afresh each day from realms on high,
    I nurture and expand the vision of God's All-Seeing Eye!

    I am a love being
    From on high.
    And I anticipate the victory
    That draweth nigh!

    I am love's fire.
    And I recognize my nature:
    'Tis to radiate light
    And thus heighten my stature!

    I am a love being
    I relish this thought
    And my wish for you has been the same from the start!

    You have the wherewithal, you do.
    You can conquer with your wings so bright.
    So forget the darkness
    And enter the Light!

    Hah, you thought I was a poet.
    Sorry to dismay you
    But now you know it!
    Yet I had fun in all this
    And now I send you:
    Cherubic bliss,bliss, bliss!

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