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Essay Assignment
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01/12/2013 6:49 PM
    Based on your participation in the class and your reading of the Overview of World Economy by Rudolf Steiner on the course page and reproduced below, compose the following essay as a post on the forum and also send it as an email to the instructor at osirisrising.ralph@gmail.com

    In your own words describe the Triformed Social Structures and why it would benefit humanity? In your own words, describe the new approach to money and banking? How will it replace notions like the gold standard and ad hoc money printing by the Federal Reserve? What will become the new Money Value Standard?

    Ralph's essay on Rudolf Steiner’s “Triformed Administration”

    Rudolf Steiner attempted to use the events of the First World War to introduce ideas that he developed from his research into Spiritual Science. During the advent of technology, capitalism and industrialization, some serious injustices have arisen within the social organisms worldwide. These have been masked by the march of materialism. A new paradigm of understanding is so desperately needed before entrenched thought patterns can give way to Triformed Administration ideas and can find their way into society.
    We know that the threefold nature of our heart flame is also reflected into the three domains of any social organization in any community. The yellow wisdom ray, the blue power ray and the pink love ray are expressed outwardly into the three domains or sectors of social life. Rudolf Steiner spent much time in working out the intricacies and workings of these social sectors and named them as follows:

    The Economic Commercial sector
    The Spirit Cultural Education sector
    The Political Legal State sector
    Historic Perspective

    Spiritual Scientific research reveals an evolutionary perspective from Egypt to Rome and on into the Middle Ages, unveiling the gradual change that took place in the social organization from antiquity to our time. Thus an understanding can be gained showing that spirit reality, streamed forth from the ancient mystery centres and temples, and continually radiated light into the social structures of antiquity. As the personal memory and lower ego of mankind become enhanced, and the cosmic memory receded into the unconscious, this flow of light gradually in time reduced proportionately. However the mystery centres fulfilled this huge role for thousands of years, thus constantly balancing out the social injustices of those times. To a large extent, a harmonious social organisation was successfully achieved driven from within the Mystery centres. The spiritual culture sector of the threefold organisation then ruled as it were and held the social organism together.

    Now during the Greek and Roman times, changes occurred in the social organism. In Greece, the birth of philosophy heralded a new era whereby intelligence was set free from the mystery centres and began to gain an independent role outwardly in society. Through Plato and Aristotle the mystery stream continued and maintained it influence outwardly until the Renaissance. However, since Rome, the State/political/legal/rights sector became independent of the mystery centres and to large extent began to develop an outer reality of its own, based again on the strengthening of the human ego. Thus the Spiritual culture sector began to have less direct influence on it.

    During the renaissance the spiritual traditions of the mystery canters had survived in what become known as the secret societies. However, the ruling and aristocratic classes had more access to it, and it become more difficult to exert its influence on the entire social structures of all. As time went by, as the outer science arose, it gave birth to an intellectual era, which gradually began challenged the Greek influence of Aristotle and Plato. This outer intellectual thinking fostered an independence of thought life based on outer criteria, and gradually, the influence of the secret societies no longer affected the outer social structures, and its outer influence dried up. Thus a situation arose in which Spirit wisdom withdrew deeper into the secret societies for the few.

    By the time the industrial revolution began in England, the average worker no longer received the light radiation from the spirit societies. This led to the loss of human dignity, and the proletariat was born without the spirit knowledge of antiquity. The ruling class still had vestiges of this ancient spirituality, as they maintained their connections in orders such as the Rosicrucians and Freemasons, but now were unable to impart this to the emerging proletariat working class. Instead the proletariat turned to the new science and took it on as a form of ideology without spirit to replace their loss. The net result was that the Economic sector began to separate away from the Spirit cultural and State legal sectors and became independent and very powerful, effectively taking over the dominant influence of the ancient spirit wisdom and became the controlling factor in the banking world.

    Thus there arose a divided threefold social organism in which the Economic sector took over the driving power and ancient mystery knowledge was outlawed. The consequences of this divided state of affairs can be compared to an individual who has become dysfunctional because his thinking, feeling and will no longer work together harmoniously. This led to a power-dominant one-sided dysfunctional society that now requires a large police force and military to maintain its hold and control the upheaval resulting from social injustice and dysfunction worldwide as the age of materialism took hold.
    The slave trade, which was abolished in 1807, left a vestige and scar on society. Before the trade was abolished, the economic power elite class could own teams of slaves and sell their labour to whoever would pay for it on an open emerging industrial market. After the abolishment of slave trade, the modern Labour movement inherited from the slave trade an aspect which was not transformed when it was abolished, i.e., labour was still bought and sold as if it were a commodity. Now, the new industrial elite that was emerging still paid for the same labour but directly to the so called “free” labourer instead of a slave worker. If labour is thus bought, human dignity is still deprived as it was during the slave trade; however, it now is masked. This historic perspective is as alive today as then, but with the additional complexity of technology being driven by the computer era. The pace of life is now so fast and complex that the one-sided build up of power by the power elite is masked behind a banking system that is far from transparent and fully controlled by the few.

    Money Value - Labour, Intelligence
    The underlying relationship of money to labour and that of intelligence to labour must to be unmasked so that their true functioning cam be harmonized with each other. Otherwise old entrenched habit of thought will simply persist, being driven by greed and power through the economic dominant sector.

    Labour transforms nature into value and is the generator of Money value functioning in the Economic commercial sector. The skills required are, however, received from the Educational Spiritual cultural sector.

    Spiritual faculties (intelligence) transforms labour into value too and in turn also generates Money value functioning in the Economic commercial sector. Again the education needed arises from the Education Spirit cultural sector.

    Law and judicial fairness keeps these driving money value principles in harmony with each other thus the Political legal State sector plays a role.

    Individuals function and associate with each other in the three sectors of the social organism. Money is something that represents the true flow of spirit light (energy) as it is invested in our space-time continuum from higher worlds, and flows between individuals. Just as individuals function within different organizations and associations in the three social sectors, so does money, light (energy), flow from one sector to another through the transference of light in labour on the one hand and faculties on the other. Money must reflect the cycle of the threefold social organism in a threefold manner to reflect truly its function.

    The Life Cycle of Money
    Thus money reflects the values of each sector at different stages of its cycle through each of the outer social sectors, and therefore, must be driven by different values in each sector. It is established in industry, maintained in law and renewed in the spiritual faculties of mankind. Money should thus age and depreciate and be renewed in a life cycle just as individual efforts generating these values do in the different sectors of life.

    By becoming established outwardly
    By being harmoniously maintained
    By being renewed cyclically

    Money is at a different stage within each of the three social sectors of life.
    Capital is invested in the economic sector where its life cycle begins.
    It attains its equilibrium status when the manifestation is maintained in the equality of law.

    Then culminates its cycle by flowing into the Spiritual cultural educational sector where it is reinvested into individual spiritual faculties of the human spirit.

    These processes in the formation and transformation cycle of value and money are masked in our modern society and are not what they seem. These relationships should be unmasked so that they do not affect the values of money negatively. Money controlled and frozen into various conditions of the processes dam up and distort the true value of money.

    Unmasking Money
    Capital should be readily available to those who qualify to invest it in a profitable industry or commercial venture in such manner that it benefits the entire community. That is a prime criterion. If however, such investment is not a benefit to the whole community, the law should legally intervene and give the capital investment to those who will serve accordingly. Capital should, however, not be poured into land as a dead investment, and thus, be frozen and controlled by the Economics sector in a nonactive manner; this should be prohibited by law. Only a portion of capital should be invested in land for the purpose of continuing the cycle of commodity and money flow.

    Monies invested in the Economic commercial sector will incur interest. However, interest should never be charged on interest. Interest should be charged on capital values only. Monies invested in the Law legal sector for services rendered in the state will incur zero interest and is exchanged and returned dollar for dollar. Monies that are invested in the educational spiritual sector will be invested as ‘Gift money’ and will not need to be returned at all. The cycle of money is now complete and it is linked to the realities that drive value.

    New Monies can be produced every year with, say, a 5- or 10-year life cycle, and an expiry date will be reflected on each batch that is printed. “New money” will thus be invested as Capital in the Economy sector. “Middle-aged money” is then used to maintain and pay for services rendered in the legal right sector. “Old money” becomes “Gift money” and is renewed in the faculties of the Educational spiritual sector. New faculties are thereby fostered, which, when matured in individuals, will incur the right to receive capital investment anew. In this way, money will have real value, as it will be both linked to skills or intelligence and applied to serving the community. Banking institutions will thus have to come under the direct influence of the Educational spiritual sector by law, in as much as it will propose the individuals who are eligible for such capital investment.
    Ownership of land or capital is not in dispute, as these rights are not in themselves detrimental to the social structure of our time. However, the rights of access and use of the capital base, be it monies or land, is and should be administered by law in such manner that the social community, as well as the individual, may receive the benefits thereof. If the owners are not using these for industry or for services rendered and legal rights issues, the law can intervene, and the money should culminate in the Education training sector. The State rights legal sector should intervene in any such capital base if the flow of invested purpose is contravened, and warrant that the investment is utilized to the benefit of the community as a whole, ensuring that the individual faculties, be it intelligence or skills, can be used to their fullest potential. This should become the prime drive of the State rights sector.

    Labour should not be bought or traded as a commodity. This, as has already been said, is a leftover from the slave trade era and needs to be abolished. The monetary value paid to labour needs to be determined by the product or commodity value that is being produced. The labour movement needs to be brought into the production process. Costs and market values need, through dialogue within sector associations, to be set up. In this manner, a conscious process can be entered into so that labour value can truly and reasonably be determined. By this, the labour movement’s full participation in the process will return to labourers their dignity and provide incentive for refining the quality and times of production to the benefit of all.

    Labour has become divided within the division of labour as practised in modern industry, and here further masking occurs. When unmasked through spiritual science, it reveals that when the process is divided, work for others becomes a necessity, and working for oneself no longer perpetuates the value cycle; it, in fact, interrupts it.

    Pricing of commodities will now become the result of dialogue within sector associations, and are determined from the value generated by labour on nature on the one hand and value generated by Intelligence on the other as well as costs within the production process.

    Education and Training
    Spiritual faculties, education, training, intelligence and skills should not be under the control of the Economy sector. They should be free to determine what humanity requires. Thus, the awakening of high functioning free spiritual beings will be assured; this cannot be so if determined by Economic values. If those whose values are purely of true education concerned with the awakening of humanity are left to determine curriculum, syllabi, etc., and leave teachers and lecturers free to determine in peer-driven associations how education should be unfolded for the maximum benefit of all, then a true education will arise, free of economic and legalistic values or do's and don’ts that have to do with power control. Such institutions will be able to propose and advise well so that capital can be made available to those worthy of such investment.

    Spiritual connections, endeavours and understanding have been alienated from the State Political sphere as well as from the Economic sphere. Spiritual activities thus run in the ideal sphere above the practical reality of modern life and have nothing to do with State or Economics. This prejudice is deeply engrained in mankind’s thinking patterns and most do not even notice that this is so. The ethical moral sphere is relegated to the individual. If however, the Spiritual life and spiritual understanding does not penetrate the State and Economic spheres, disaster and suffering can be the only result.
    The State rights sector should on the one hand, relinquish its hold over the Education and training sectors, and on the other relinquish the control over the economy. The Economy also should not impose on the Education training sector nor control the Legal rights sector. The Education and training sector, having been set free from these sectors, now should bring forward the individual faculties that can fulfil the various needs in the aforesaid sectors, and propose the right individuals to serve their communities and utilize the capital base to near maximum for the benefit of all. The needs of the entire community and the individuals are thus met.

    Triformed Sector Associations
    Sector Associations need to be established in which these polarized values belonging to the sectors are weighed up in complete transparency. Thus, a threefold functional reality will arise in the social sphere.

    The three sectors will have their own administration and these administrations will interface with each other and oversee the sector associations that arise. These administrations will, from time to time at 5-year intervals, appoint a judge from each sector to represent the sector in judicial affairs. This means the office of the judge needs to be loosed from the political legal rights sector to represent only its own sector, while judges from each sector are appointed to judge and evaluate within the domain of peers.

    The Educational Spiritual sector needs to incorporate into itself all science, research, language and national differences so that these can develop independent of economic or state political influences. In this manner of working, no need for obvious conflicts will arise, as the economy will not drive the resolution that arises from conflicts of interest since they have now been removed from the Economical sector. The Spiritual Educational sector will reconcile the differences based of a set of criteria that is neither of the state nor of the economy. If it can be conceived that the boundaries of the state need not include the boundaries of the Educational Spiritual cultural sectors, thus conflicts that arise through ethnicity, language, culture and statesmanship can be overcome. This will form international meeting points where diverse cultures can meet outside any political or economic agendas. Throughout the world, flash points can now meet when ethnicity language and culture can fully be appreciated by the different nations.

    The United Nations a Triformed Administration
    If the various countries throughout the world adopted a Threefold administration of its government, a new international format would easily arise, and a meeting point would be reached. Each country would then have a government that would reflect a threefold administration of each sector for their nation. The United Nations would arise of its own accord, based on the reality of the Triformed International Relations that will arise between counties of different ethnic, language, religious and geopolitical groupings, who themselves have adopted the threefold Administration structures . The international conflicts will now be reconciled from within their own threefold value and will be driven by an Administration that is triformed within the International setting (the new United Nations).

    This is the true foundation for the United Nations, which, at present, has been installed to resolve ‘one-sided’ political/economic agendas. All International Sector Administrations must thus be brought together in this new format. A transparent and open new United Nations will become the central arena for international issues. No other international agendas should be permitted in other international structures where secret meetings take place within such organizations that are not transparent, like the current Council for Foreign Relations; such international structures should be illegitimate.

    Finance and Banking
    Finance and banking is required to fulfil an impersonal objective and transparent role in society. The State legal rights sector and the Educational Spiritual cultural sector must be set against the Economic sector, which has, in present times, called up the economists and the banks to function behind closed doors to the detriment of the many and benefit of the few. The deception of the world is driven through this blind spot. Thus finance and banking has become a personal affair to the power elite, who dominate the Economic sector through Political rights sector, and who subjugate the Educational Spiritual cultural sector.

    And to close with a quote from Rudolf Steiner:
    “The social organism is formed like the natural organism. As the natural organism must provide for thinking by means of the head and not the lungs, the formation of the social organism in systems — none of which can assume the functions of the others, although each must cooperate with the others while always maintaining its autonomy — is necessary.
    The economy can prosper only if it develops, as an autonomous member of the social organism, according to its own forces and laws, and if it does not introduce confusion into its structure by letting itself be drained by another member of the social organism — the politically active one. This politically active member must function, fully autonomous, alongside the economy, as the respiratory system functions alongside the head system in the natural organism. Healthy cooperation cannot be attained by means of a single legislative and administrative organ, but by each system having its own mutually cooperating legislature and administration. The political system, by absorbing the economy, inevitably destroys it; and the economic system loses its vital force when it becomes political.

    A third member of the social organism, in full autonomy and formed from its own potentialities, must be added to these two: that of spiritual production, to which the spiritual parts of the other two sectors, supplied to them by this third sector, belong. It must have its own legitimate rules and administration and not be administered or influenced by the other two, except in the sense that the members of the natural organism mutually influence each other”. - Rudolf Steiner.

    Project Questions – write a short essay.
    In your own words describe the Triformed Social Structures and why it would benefit humanity? In your own words, describe the new approach to money and banking? How will it replace notions like the gold standard and ad hoc money printing by the Federal Reserve? What will become the new Money Value Standard?

    A Threefold Guideline:

    The Blue Power Plume effecting:

    The Educational - Cultural - Spiritual Public Sector of Life.
    Key words: Morality, Intelligence and skills

    i. To have Spiritual freedom to serve mankind and the higher worlds in whatever capacity through free deeds.
    ii. To express your intelligence and skills in service to the community at large.

    The Pink Love Plume effecting:

    The State - Legislative - Rights - Political Public Sector of Life.
    Key words: Judicial, equality, fairness.

    i. To have equal opportunity to live and serve in a community that serves the common good for all mankind in harmony with the higher worlds.
    ii. To have equal access and opportunity to 1. Gain skills and intelligence at any of the several liberal arts of your choice. 2. Gain access to capital and land to express your attainment.

    The Yellow Wisdom Plume effecting:

    The Economic - Industry – Commercial Public Sector of life.
    Key word: Truth , Scientific, industrious.

    i. To participate in a liberated economy with all service and products transparent for all to understand and participate in to the common good.
    ii. To live in a brotherhood that embraces all life to the benefit of mankind, earth, and cosmos.
    Ronald and Dwinn

    01/19/2013 10:57 AM
    MU Course 1302A Ronald Dubrawsky

    (Based on your participation in the class and your reading of the Overview of World Economy by Rudolf Steiner on the course page and reproduced below, compose the following essay as a post on the forum and also send it as an email to the instructor at osirisrising.ralph@gmail.com)

    (In your own words describe the Triformed Social Structures and why it would benefit humanity? In your own words, describe the new approach to money and banking? How will it replace notions like the gold standard and ad hoc money printing by the Federal Reserve? What will become the new Money Value Standard?)

    I often think about the three social sectors present during the time of Jesus; the Jews, the Greeks, and the Romans. And now I’m beginning to understand the Triformed Social Structures put forward by Rudolf Steiner and presented by Ralph Raaths. So the actual core and beginning of the teaching of the 3-fold balance was actually held and put into practice by the mystery schools, which held the balance for many eons previous. And in society at large, we see how the Greeks came forth in a big way and continued until the Renaissance. That, of course, would be the yellow ray. Rome, who represented the State/political/legal/rights sector, the pink ray, began developing its own reality based on strengthening of the human ego, which created a huge imbalance.
    During the renaissance, the ruling classes, through access of the secret societies, developed an outer intellectual structure, while the inner mysteries withdrew deeper, into the secret societies of the few.
    This outer intellectual structure, cut off from the deeper mysteries, became the new science of the proletariat during the industrial revolution begun in England in the nineteenth century, while the State legal and Spirit cultures became the controlling factor in the banking world. “This led to a power-dominant one-sided dysfunctional society;” with the few controlling and manipulating the many.
    The true value of money must be unmasked to be labor and intelligence, the intelligence being brought forth by the educational sector of the Spirit culture, and law, harmony and fairness being the role of the political legal State.
    Money must flow, as spiritual light amongst individuals, “reflecting the threefold social organism in a threefold manner” representing its value as labor and intelligence, its true function.
    In summing up, I would say that the Triformed Social Structure is the only way to go, by any way you look at it. It makes perfect sense, extracted from Nature and the human manifestation. It is balance that is so sorely needed in the world. And that is what the Triformed Social Structure offers. It would benefit humanity by stabilizing the economy, promote cooperation and brotherhood.
    Money would be approached as having value in terms of labor and intelligence. Banking would exhibit transparency. Money would be dated, going through its life cycle as man also goes through his life cycle. Gold would not make a comeback as the backing for money; and money printing would not be controlled by a few private bankers.
    As organs in the human body cooperate with one another and yet are complete organisms unto themselves, so must be the Triformed Social Structure!
    Ronald Dubrawsky
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