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Last Post 11/23/2012 4:36 PM by  Dee Stewart
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11/14/2012 8:59 PM
    What does Beloved Cyclopea tell us about God-vision?
    “Some have said that seeing is believing. Well, you see, I have always held this to be true for all and now for you, blessed ones. Visualizing perfection is what the all-seeing masters and the silent watchers are all about. When more among mankind may hold the vision for a golden age and maintain that vision through constancy, then it may appear physically, even as it already appears etherically.”
    “True visionaries of the Spirit always maintain that wholeness of perfection whereby, through maintaining the purity of that conceptualization of each one as a God-person manifest, that one may be drawn up into the ideal estate of the divine reality that has always been your God Presence. Rising to view all from this objective state of awareness you put aside all duality, all unclear vision. For I say that all two-eyed vision is unclear. And only when duality no longer resides within your vision, may you see truly with that one-eyed Cyclopean conception that I hold and which you may call forth, blessed hearts.” June 04, 2006
    How do you experience God-vision and what virtues flow through your third-eye chakra?

    Dee Stewart

    11/23/2012 4:36 PM

    In a recent Meru Class we studied God Vision,sponsored by our Beloved Elohim Cyclopea. One of the suggested books to read was "A Gift of Prophecy" by Ruth Montgomery. This was a book on the life of Jeane Dixon, a most amazing visionary. She saw her ability to see into the future as a gift of God, to be used to help mankind. I was fascinated by her love and devotion to God for this "Gift" of rare beauty, "God Vision". I would like to share something from this book that I think about quite often, and about this most
    extraodinary virtue,"God Vision".

    "As she gazed outside she saw, not the bare-limbed trees and city street below, but a bright blue sky above a barren desert. Just above the horizon was the brightest sun that she had ever seen, glowing like a golden ball...Stepping out of the brightness of the sun's rays, hand in hand, were a Pharaoh and Queen Nefertiti. Cradled in the Queen's other arm was a baby, his ragged,soiled clothing in startling contrast to the gorgeously arrayed royal couple. The eyes of this child were all-knowing,Jeane says softly.
    They were full of wisdom and knowledge."
    "A little to one side of Queen Nefertiti, Jeane could glimpse a pyramid. While she watched entranced, the couple advanced toward her and trust forth the baby, as if offering it to the entire world...Now, rays of light burst forth from the baby, blending with those of the sun and obliterating the Pharaoh from her sight. Off to the left, she observed that Queen Nefertiti was walking away, "thousands of miles into the past."
    "What does it mean? What is the significance of this strange visitation on a dull February morning in Washington, a third of the way around the world from Egypt? Jeane feels that she has been shown that answer...A child, born somewhere in the Middle East shortly after 7 AM (EST) on February 5, 1962, will revolutionize the world. Before the close of the century he will bring together all mankind in one all-embracing faith. This will be the foundation of a new Christianity, with every sect and creed united through this man who will walk among the people to spread the wisdom of the Almighty Power."
    "This person, though born of humble peasant origin, is a descendant of Queen Nefertiti and her Pharaoh husband; of this I am sure"...
    "...I next turned to the Encyclopedia Britannica and learned that Nefertiti was the wife of Pharoah Amenhotep lV who, after abandoning the worship of Amon, "devoted himself to that of the Aton (the solar disk). He thereafter changed his name to Ikhnaton and built a new capital dedicated to worship of the sun on the banks of the Nile above Cairo...Nefertiti was also an "ardent supporter of the Aton (sun worship) religion. They had seven daughters but no sons. Suddenly I realized how strange it was that Jeane Dixon,who was totally unaware that Nefertiti and her husband had worshiped the sun, nevertheless "saw" them stepping forth from the solar disk in a vision".

    In her vision, Jeane Dixon also describes the fate of Nefertiti, and it is intersting that she see's the Queen with a son, when history tells us she only had daughters? Could that son have been King Tut?

    As we approach December 21, 2012, how amazing is it that a visionary from the 1960's saw Beloved Lanello and Clare de Lis stepping forth from the Sun.
    As Lanello and Mother take the torch of the God and Goddess Meru, I believe we have an opportunity to manifest God Vision in all of its pristine purity, and as we envision, with that "Immaculate" vision a world of love, peace, beauty harmony and joy, this vision will become a tangible reality. As we see with "Real-Eyes", the world will not perish, it will become a blazing sun.
    Truth,Clarity,Immaculate,Purity,Oneness,Unity,fearless,Victory,Re-Union,The I AM That I AM, Mother, The Holy Spirit
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