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Last Post 10/08/2012 3:14 PM by  Sun Disc
Meru 1205 The Mystic Path of Adeptship, Part 2
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Sun Disc

10/08/2012 3:14 PM


    Sunday October 7, 2012

    Sponsoring Master: Kuthumi
    Instructor: David C. Lewis

    Storytelling is a powerful tool that we all possess. And we all have unique life experiences and knowledge that we can share with others. In MU 1205, you will explore the magic of storytelling.

    You will learn about the virtues that great teachers employ to enable them to inspire their students, challenging them to excel. You will meditate and tap into your Divine Mind and inner wisdom to discover your own virtues and gems from subjects you have studied, analyzed, and about which you can now speak with passion.

    In PART 2: ILLUMINATION FROM THE CENTRAL SUN, Kuthumi sets in motion the yellow ray of the threefold action of THE MYSTIC PATH OF ADEPTSHIP. This course will build on El Morya's teaching in PART 1: THE NEW BLUE ENERGIES OF SIRIUS, and lay the groundwork for Djwal Kul's course, PART 3: LOVE AS THE INITIATOR OF THE NEW ERA. You will discover in this one-day seminar on Sunday, October 7, the advantages of team, or collaborative, teaching, one of the keys to creating and sustaining a golden-crystal age.

    For those who will be attending the pilgrimage to Lake Titicaca and taking MU 1208, TEACHER TRAINING OF SOLAR INITIATES, Kuthumi's seminar will be excellent preparation. Although this seminar is not a prerequisite for the pilgrimage, it is highly recommended for students desiring to become teachers of the Word.

    You are not authorized to post a reply.