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Last Post 09/19/2012 12:22 PM by  lightson
Week 3 Homework: Consecrate Everything You Use
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Sun Disc

09/02/2012 3:47 PM
    Week 3 Homework Assignment:

    Consecrate everything you use throughout the day, beginning with yourself. In the morning, recite Prayer 0.006.

    Consecrate the water you wash with and drink by reciting Prayer 50.020.

    Consecrate everything else with a simple prayer such as "Dear God, make this __________ holy so that I may be holy. Remember to bless everything you use:
    * The soap you wash with.
    * The clothes you put on.
    * The pots, dishes glasses and utensils you cook and eat with.
    * Your food.
    * Your car, bus or train.
    * Your office or cubicle.
    * Your computer.

    In addition, dedicate everything you use in the course of fulfilling your divine plan to a master. If you're a writer, dedicate your computer and pen to the Divine Mother, Saraswati. If you're a lawyer, dedicate your library of law books, your computer, phone, etc. to Portia.

    Report any effects on thoughts, feelings, energy level, etc. on the forum.

    Ronald and Dwinn

    09/15/2012 4:42 PM
    I am grateful for this exercise of consecration. It brings me into the now, and assists me to consciously love and devote all I do to the highest purposes. I feel greater joy and appreciation for this conscious way of living and directing all energies to God.

    Dee Stewart

    09/17/2012 4:35 PM
    This exercise was really an eye opener. First it requires you to be conscious at all times. It allows you to see the bounty in your life and in your world, all of the precious gifts from God and lastly and probably there is a lot more that could be said; however, the virtue of gratitude permeates everything. Even if you feel bereft of many things you realize that is an illusion! There is so much to be grateful for when you take the time to consecrate and give gratitude for the gift of life and all of the precious jewels everywhere.

    09/19/2012 12:22 PM
    thank you masters, for this exercise. I was surprised how
    this simple to-do encompasses so much of our personal lives,
    and beyond. there is a beautiful simplicity in doing this
    one thing which becomes the all consuming blessing, which
    follows the cosmic law of reaping what you sow. ingenious!
    I love that it is something we can do anytime, anywhere for
    anything to obtain immediate and lasting effects, which blesses all. thank you for having us do this!
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