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Last Post 08/26/2012 1:06 PM by  FrankR
Experience with a master
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08/26/2012 1:06 PM
    During the past two weeks in reading The Book of Divine Magic, I have felt a connection to "someone". During this past week we have had an experiencw with purchasing a property where the seller withdrew the property after our offer. We have comtemplated several courses of action and this Wednesday while sitting on the beach, I got the answer to "not do anything". I also got the impression that we will eventually prevail to purchase this property. Now the "P" word, patience.

    We have been able to draw to us many items which we require. This has been an on going experience. Once we let go of money issues and added tithing to our schedule, we have prosperity and abundance and concerns have diminished gtratly.

    Much of this book is not new but definitely a different presentation to past teachings. I feel comfortable with much of the teaching as well as "The Splendor of Tipharet". I am not getting comfortable with "The Art of Soaring". So far not registering with me.

    Blessings for I am FrankR
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