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Last Post 08/23/2012 4:28 AM by  Rob
A Communication from the Master
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08/23/2012 4:28 AM
    And the time shall come when you shall go deeper than your words, deeper than your thoughts, when you shall and must transcend your little personality self to enter the abode of the hearts love. There, my brother, must you tarry for a period and experience all that flame, and there as you enter its radiant depths shall all not of the One life, be burned away. And then according to your surrender shall you gradually pass into the greater heart of life and know and \melt into the flame of all flames./ This is your glorious destiny, your vision to be held before your inner eye, this is your strength in these trying times. My beloved brother, the great river is gathering speed and carrying all before it, world-encompassing etherial currents are sweeping in, the pure winds of Aquarius,purifying and expunging from the Earth the dross and the results of mans ages long mishandling of his own nature and that of the planet.
    And so I say; be not afraid, have no fear for all this is necessary to cleanse the planet, uplift it as well as the many spiritually awakened souls into a higher vibration of life. Cleave therefore to your hearts flame which is the flame of your high inner self, your God-self, commune daily with that inner light in the cave of your heart and upon the alter in the shrine of your consciousness sound the invocations of love and peace and in this shall you ever be aided and supported.
    You are not authorized to post a reply.