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Last Post 08/18/2012 12:52 AM by  Jolijt
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08/02/2012 7:30 PM
    Beloved God Harmony gives us keys to experiencing the virtues that emanate through his being and radiate through our chakras as we develop our own attunement.

    "Have you discerned and enumerated within your being the notes, the scales and the melodic impulses of true God-harmony within you? Yes, even as the birds chirp and sing their own melodies of joy, you may discern just what your song of life is and then bring it to pass through mindful work, through harmonious effort, through joyful service to mankind. Yes, the Holy Spirit comes to each one who is in harmony with Self; and that Spirit divine flows through your world, bringing you understanding of the sacred scriptures of light in the context of your life today."

    How does harmony manifest is your life? Harmony manifests from day to day in me as peace, balance, tolerance, understanding, happiness, and joy.
    Dee Stewart

    08/04/2012 11:19 AM

    I had a realizaton that we are all musical notes created by God. We have tone, resonance and a specific frequency. We emit on the scale of life a certain pitch. We have been placed here on earth in this grand orchestration of life, to merge together in unity, in "harmony" if you will to bring upon our planet a great operaretta. I found the definition of "Harmony" to be very exciting.
    "In music, harmony is the use of simultaneous pitches (tones, notes), or chords.(1) The study of harmony involves chords and their construction and chord progressions and the principles of connection that govern them.[2] Harmony is often said to refer to the "vertical" aspect of music, as distinguished from melodic line, or the "horizontal" aspect.[3] Counterpoint, which refers to the interweaving of melodic lines, and polyphony, which refers to the relationship of separate independent voices, are thus sometimes distinguished from harmony."
    It was enlightning to understand that harmony was considered to be on the vertical matrix in music and I believe in life. Harmony within our inner and outer universe allows us to connect directly to our Solar Presence, rising into the oneness of God. Whereas the melodies of our Christhood which is on the horizontal bar of the ascension cross allows us to manifest our divinity in matter. We can achieve much as a single note, however; without blending in "harmony" with our fellow Lightbearers in love,in community and service; we loose the greatest opportunity to create music on a grand scale. Our "Harmony" rises to the throne of God and the angels rejoice and join us in the revelry of the Spirit.
    To me "Harmony" allows the planets to spin in their orbits and to revolve around the sun, and the seasons to manifiest their beauty. Harmony is nature and the goal of the soul.
    Hamony means unity,peace,friendship,conformity,consonance,concord,joy, correspondence,consistency,symmetry,combination and love!


    08/09/2012 4:22 AM

    ♦ Characteristics:
    What I experience as Characteristic in the 12 within the 12.

    In exploring the Virtues I will take this list with me during the coming months ahead.
    I assume it will grow and therefore I will post it on the forum every month.

    • Characteristic to me is that every Virtue in itself has the potential to Embrace the total.
    Yes, it can be used in a very direct and practical way—
    but surely can be experienced as an all Embracing state of being as well.
    Experiencing fullness all around is key.
    • The virtues are profoundly connected with what I call, soul expression.
    Through soul expressivity and soulfullness (our authenticity) — and the Way and Ray we are — we become the radiant, emanating virtues ones.
    • Virtues can be experienced when being in the Now, in contact with the I AM Consciousness — and one with the level in which you experience the Now, your own conscious awareness of heart, soul, mind and Spirit.
    All of these levels have their own fullness, add their own color, dimension, nuance, perspective, variegation and emanation.

    My definition of the virtues: Attitudes of mind.
    (Who sometimes differ in subtle ways from one another).

    08/13/2012 1:52 AM
    Inherent to God Harmony are—

    Harmony and silence.
    Harmony and the equilibrium of the heart.
    Harmony and the balancing or equation of opposites.
    Harmony and the expansion of beingness.
    Harmony and the music of the spheres and our own inner Song of Life.
    Harmony and the embrace of the Mother—
    as well all Cosmic Mothers and Buddha Mothers to be.

    Why is it that the quality of God Harmony is situated on the 6 o’clock line of the cosmic clock and not on the 5e or 7 o’clock line, or whatever line of the clock? It is because it is the place of inner balance, the equilibrium of the heart. It is the place wherein we all reside and dwell above the emotional. And within it we find stillness, calmness and the harmonious balancing of emotions. In our inner harmony we sing, balance and equate opposites within and opposites without ourselves.
    We balance the inner and the outer, Above and below. In this state of being our True Self will naturally emerge and it will be very easy to identify with. Being harmonious (even if it is once in a while) is important to experience, to be able to expand your awareness of Self. And as we are in harmony with it and in touch with the streaming consciousness of the music of the spheres—we will also be in touch with all those who reside within these spheres also. Who will ad their notes, their harmony, their tone of being as well.

    However, to stay attuned to the inner silence of the heart at all times is’nt easy. It is often a long way to develop constancy and keep your at-one-ment, even while you are busy in the busy hours and moments of the day. But it should be a sustained effort for all of us.

    You may have noticed that besides the quality of God Harmony there is a Cosmic Being also who carries the name of God Harmony, and who radiates this God Harmony 24 hours a day. He will gladly assist everyone who desires to develop more harmony in life. Who would like to balance his inner and his outer world, Above as well below. You can simply invite him by saying:

    Beloved God Harmony,
    Help me to enter
    My one and cherished Center—
    To make this hallowed circle my abode to stay
    Despite whatever busyness of the day.

    And you will notice that beside the cosmic dignity of God Harmony, he is a humorous being too. ♫


    08/18/2012 12:52 AM

    all who participate,
    all who follow this course,
    and all who are brandnew to this course.

    More virtues of God Harmony:

    ♦ The creation of balance—
    Applicable in a grand scale, in all area’s of life:

    Within ourselves first and formemost
    Within your house
    The interior of the house (your altar as well)
    Your Garden
    Your neighbourhood
    Your environment
    In design
    Etc. etc.

    ♦ The creation of silence in your life—
    Set at least certain moments in practicing this silence.
    Also applicable in every area of life, as above.

    And again we should use this in a grand scale.

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