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Last Post 06/16/2012 11:06 PM by  Nicola
Sneak Preview in Winnipeg
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06/16/2012 11:06 PM
    Featuring a star-studded cast, opening June 20,"Love is the Key to Aquarian Freedom" is the coming attraction at The Hearts Center. Sometime ago, I started to collect ideas as to why certain masters are stepping forward to heartstream in Winnipeg. While I didn't manage to finish my investigation, I am sharing below what I discovered so far. Maybe you have your own ideas as to why certain masters are playing their parts in "Love is the Key." Please share.

    Theme of the Conference: Perfecting the temple of the heart, through love. brings freedom (This is my opinion. Yours might be different.)

    Lanello is a sponsor of the Hearts Center. He was a priest at the Temple of Logos in Atlantis where he was a master of fohat. As Ikhnaton in Egypt, he encouraged monotheism by worshiping Aton, God of the Sun. Presently, at his retreat on the Rhine we can each have our divine plan reviewed. As Longfellow, he wrote the poem called “Hermes Trismegistus.”

    Paul the Venetian
    Paul the Venetian is chohan of the third ray of divine love. In the Atlantean government, he served as head of cultural affairs. He worked in Egypt with El Morya as an esoteric architect during the building of the pyramids. As Paolo Veronese, he painted the steps of initiation towards Christhood. By the alchemy of self-sacrifice, selflessness and surrender, he develops the intuitiveness and creativity of the heart. He initiates the heart chakra.

    John the Beloved
    John the Beloved magnetized the love ray more than Jesus’ other disciples. He uses the Maltese Cross to teach the mastery of fire, air, water and earth by infusing these aspects of God’s nature with the power of love.

    Melchizedek is a priest of the seventh ray of alchemy. As a member of the ancient priesthood, the Order of Melchizedek, he draws together the perfection of religion and science. In the Bible, he is described as the King of Salem, priest of the most high God and to him, Abraham tithed. The word “king” means, “key to the incarnation of God.” Melchizedek holds the key to our own incarnation as God.

    El Morya with Hermes Trismegistus (God Mercury)
    Hermes Trismegistus is the father of alchemy, especially the alchemy of the heart which transmutes the lead of self into the gold of spirit. He serves at the Arabian retreat where Jesus serves. Known as God Mercury, he is a sponsor of El Morya and all those from Mercury. “Thrice-great,” he is a philosopher, priest and king who has physically walked the earth for tens of thousands of years, desiring to pass his heavenly torch to those below who are ready to be his initiates. “As above, so below’ is a famous Hermetic axiom.

    El Morya was a master mason in Egypt when the pyramids were being built. He has served in the area of God-government in many embodiments. As Irish poet, Thomas Moore, he wrote “Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms,” a poem which could be the description of his love for the image of the true self.

    Jesus and Saint Germain, before the sinking of Atlantis, studied in an order of the priesthood named Melchizedek. The service of this priesthood is to tend the flame of life at the temple’s altar.
    Jesus is the full incarnation of God. He is a master of alchemy, precipitation and healing through fohat. He serves at the Resurrection Temple over the Holy Land which is located four hundred feet below the Arabian Desert. It tunes into all sounds and vibratons of the world. Certain chambers are developing new ways to release advanced culture and better forms of government to the world.

    Saint Germain
    Saint Germain initiates souls on the path of the freedom flame of Aquarius. Freedom is the elixir of immortality, the fountain of eternal youth. He was embodied as Merlin, alchemist at King Arthur’s court. He led Arthur through twelve initiations (twelve battles). He teaches the laws of precipitation in his book entitled Saint Germain on Alchemy.

    Great Divine Director
    The Great Divine Director is a manu; a manu is a lawgiver who establishes the divine plan for an evolution. He is El Morya’s, Jesus’ and Saint Germain’s teacher. He helps advanced initiates to purify their bodies of karma so that they can give better world service and fulfill their life mission.

    Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael’s etheric retreat, located over Banff in Canada, is called the Temple of Faith and Protection. He energizes us with faith so that we can fulfill God’s plan for our lives.

    Bonnie Blue
    Bonnie Blue is the Great Silent Watcher for Canada and her mastery is at the level of Elohim. She holds in her mind the perfect design for Canada.

    Mother Mary
    Mary teaches the science of the immaculate concept (visualizing the perfect pattern of an image to be precipitated and filling it with light and love), and it is the key ingredient to all alchemies. Mary, as a temple priestess, tended the altar and expanded its flame to influence all Atlantean inhabitants.

    Archangels Chamuel and Charity
    Chamuel and Charity are archangels who serve on the third ray of love. Their retreat is over St. Louis, Missouri. From it extends an arc of love and adoration to Heros and Amora's retreat over Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. They teach on compassion, joy and the right use of God's creative power.

    Elohim Heros and Amora
    Heros and Amora are Elohim on the third ray. They infuse the creative elements of fire, water, air and earth with the Holy Spirit. Their retreat directs the destiny of North and South America. Canada and the United States are called to defend the Western Hemisphere with love. The power of love is the greatest power in cosmos. It can repair faults at the etheric level and in the earth. North, Central and South America are intended to act as a balanced threefold flame: Canada represents the power ray by its natural resources; the States represent the wisdom of the heart, and Central and South America represent the loving devotion of the people.

    Mighty Victory,
    Mighty Victory, a master from Venus, came to earth with Sanat Kumara. He has no limitation in his consciousness. He has been victorious in everything he has attempted to do. He supports Saint Germain’s flame of freedom.

    Maha Chohan
    The Maha Chohan represents the Holy Spirit and initiates people with a baptism by fire. Humanity has reached a time when it must receive the Holy Spirit.
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