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Last Post 01/13/2013 9:38 AM by  Ann
Mulching the Body and Soul
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06/13/2012 3:12 AM
    Studying permaculture and it's natural ideas of mulching soil to rejuvenate it rather than tilling is fascinating to me because this same principle, I am now finding, also pertains to the body and soul.

    I've been studying "Cultured Foods" and Weston A. Price's findings. http://www.westonaprice.org/ Weston Price was a dentist who studied cultures world-wide to find the people with the healthiest teeth and bodies. He found that the cultures with the greatest health all ate some forms of naturally cultured food. These cultures are essential for developing healthy bacteria in our bodies. Essentially, Price found that to create health we must create a fertile environment for our healthy bacterias to live in and prosper. This is so similar to mulching the soil!!! Some of the top nourishing foods according to Price are: fermented cod liver oil, fermented and cultured veggies, fermented raw milk products, and fermented seeds and grains. (Grains and seeds that are not fermented have lots of phytic acid in them which break down our bones and teeth. The phytic acid is essential to protect the grains and seeds from insects eating them. It's a type of poison.) The healthy cultures that Price studied all soaked and fermented their grains. Remember way back when it said on the back of the Quaker Oats box to soak the oats overnight before cooking?? Our bodies like our earth require the layers of fermented nutrition to keep all the tiny organisms of bacteria thriving. I wonder if these bacterias are tiny elementals??

    Taking this a step farther I see our decrees, songs and prayers as "lasagna mulch". (Lasagna mulching is a way of layering different types of coverings on the earth to revitalize it. For example it may be a layer of newspaper, a layer of compost, a layer of straw, a layer of manure, a layer of clippings, another layer of compost and so on. Our blue prayers and songs are like the newspapers which smother the weeds. Our pink decrees are like the compost, very nourishing, and our yellow decrees are like the straw which keeps everything light and fluffy. Maybe the violet transmuting flame is the manure!? Ha, ha! It's definitely transformative and alchemical! The green decrees are the grass clippings? Any other ideas? Maybe Hercule decrees are the cardboard??

    I see the entire planet layered with layers and layers of lasagna mulch in many colors and qualities. We no longer are just ripping things out that we longer have use for (such as doing judgement calls on nephlim for their removal and using Roundup to kill buckthorn). We are just layering and layering our beloved planet, souls and bodies with such great love and light it smothers and transforms all that is not acceptable for this dawning age of the Sun and our eternal enlightenment!
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    01/13/2013 9:38 AM

    This is profound and right on. That is how I see gardening. And lasagna mulch in many colors! Wow.
    Alan makes cultured coconut kefir about every 2 weeks. Its a wonderful cultured food for those who can't digest dairy products. Its tangy and yummy. Getting the coconuts opened is the hard part. Then you add a starter and let it sit out for 2 days and walaa, you have a tangy drink, similar to lemonade.

    I also make sauerkraut and cultured vegetables. We use the recipes from the Body Ecology Diet, a diet that is all about building up the intestines with cultured foods.
    The author, Donna Gates, has even been able to turn around autism with cultured foods. There is a brain-gut connection. The gut is so important. And it's at the solar plexus and soul chakra level. And in Chinese healing, the kidneys are in this area and they are the root of yin and yang energy for your whole body. We need strong guts to make it on the path!!

    Alan feeds healthy soil organisms to the garden, and he calls it "probiotics for the garden."

    Love your pictures.

    Ann in Central Tx, gardening and cooking every day.
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