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Last Post 03/11/2010 8:44 AM by  constance
Leaping from tall buildings
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Hearts Center of NY

03/10/2010 12:54 PM

    Leaping from Tall Buildings…

    In late 1978 as a young man, I had just moved to the bustling city of New York. What an adventure to live in the city of sky scrapers, traffic heavily dotted with Yellow Cabs as far as the eye can see, millions of people going here, there, everywhere. And New York also offered a conjestion of new ideas, new contemplations for a young man in search of something more.

    I had recently come upon some intriguing spiritual teachings through a lecture. A pamphlet from this presentation included a prayer to Archangel Michael. It mentioned that Michael wielded a blue-flamed sword. This sword was meant to cut us free from negative energies and protect us from harm of all kinds. Of all of the prayers and masters that had been introduced during that lecture, that prayer to Archangel Michael was the one I felt most inclined to start memorizing.

    As I lay in bed that night, I recited this protection prayer, at least the first verse of it, a few times. My mind then wandered to another teaching I had been reading about in a series of exciting books on astral travel, a process of stilling the body and allowing the soul to consciously separate out and experience life outside of the body. Up to that point, I had not consciously achieved leaving the body although I had given it my best efforts. In some frustration, I gave up trying and decided I would just relax and go to sleep. Well, be careful what you wish for.

    That night during the twilight place between waking and sleeping, something occurred. I was awakened by a humming sound. When I became fully conscious, I saw that I was slowly rising as the faint humming sound continued. It was somewhat misty around me and I was definitely…leaving my body! But how could this be? I had earlier given up trying to achieve this. Ah ha! It was exactly that! Because I had “chucked” the effort, I had relaxed myself into the very experience I so wanted to achieve. And that was really all that was necessary to do it!

    Traveling outside my body, although greatly desired, was a new experience to me, and I became a bit frightened at the reality of this development. But I decided to let it continue. I rose out of my body more and more. That sound was still there and the mistiness. After I had hovered a few feet above my body, I decided to go to the window of my one-room loft apartment. I perched on the sill of the open window and, looking back, saw my body lying in bed. Interesting.

    In a moment of exhilaration, I decided to leap from the window up into the night sky. But as I was about to jump, I looked down at the street below, the cars and the few pedestrians taking a late night stroll unaware of the freed soul about to experiment with astral flight right above their heads. I heard the sounds of honking horns and distant sirens. And I became somewhat afraid that I would fall to my demise several stories below.

    I consoled myself by remembering that I was not in my weighty body but in a spirit body of some kind. I took a deep breath and off I went! I flew up into the night sky and away from the house! As I found myself lost in the darkness of the heavens, my fear took over once again, and I decided to descend a bit. I was sailing over Manhattan, floating over tall buildings and streets filled with slow-moving traffic. I became calmer.

    Then my attention focused on one building with a top-floor window opened and a light inside, I decided to take a look. With that very thought, I found myself going through the window and into an office! I floated around the room for a while and then decided I would try to go through a closed door. As I started to go through it I remember experiencing some fear that I might get hurt doing so. Again, I reminded myself that I was a spirit not a body. And with that thought correction, I floated through the closed door effortlessly. Not seeing anything of interest on the other side, I decided to go back into the office, out through the window and home.

    As I stood upon the sill, I looked down. That was a mistake. When I saw the sheer drop from the skyscraper to the street below, I froze in my tracks. Once again, overwhelming fear gripped me. Petrified, I stood there wondering what I could do to move myself to get back home.

    My fear was so great that it felt like a great weight upon me. I could not even think properly. I tried to calm myself. I waited. Then it happened. A thought popped into my mind—Archangel Michael’s prayer! Now might be a good time to try his call. What an understatement! How did it go? In my anxiety I could not recall the words. I told myself to relax and try again. Finally I heard myself begin. The words came haltingly as if I was not sure it would work. It didn’t. Nothing happened. I was still stuck there with all my negativity in and around me. I was to the point of panic.

    But then I said to myself once again, relax, take it easy and say the words again but with faith this time. I mustered the energy and gave the prayer again, believing that it would work. This time something started to happen. A great buzzing filled the air and a powerful but gentle force took hold of me. I felt myself being drawn away from the window along what looked like a tunnel, or funnel, of light straight back in the direction of my home!

    I sped along in this light most comfortably now without any fear whatsoever. Racing at what seemed like warp speed, I could hear this continual buzzing. I was seeing flashing images speeding by me. Then I saw, to my great joy and relief, my home and the open window of my room approaching. Believe me, I was very anxious to get back into my body. I sped through the window and slammed back into my body with incredible force. Ouch!

    I sprang up with a jolt! That was quite a reunion! From that point and throughout the next day I experienced head pain as strong as any migraine and vowed that my days of unescorted travel out of the body were over. I was thankful that Archangel Michael heard my call and rescued me. And I am so very grateful to know of his protecting grace. No matter what or where, he is always there.

    --Wallace Tulloch
    New York City, New York

    03/11/2010 8:44 AM
    Dear Wallace, a remarkable story.How we all invoke Arch Angel Michael and his angels in different ways. Faith is a necessary companion. Most recently I have started to call daily to AA Michael to remove all blockages from around my person and around my house that may have been placed there from astral forces, I am beginning to feel a removal of heaviness that has been on me of late. All Hail Arch Angel Michael and Faith! constance
    constance welzel
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