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Last Post 03/12/2012 2:25 PM by  Arny Hjaltadottir
Requested info from AM Broacast
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03/12/2012 10:24 AM
    Non strenous morning shower routine to keep the Meridians/Lymph systems open. When these systems are open one keeps the Lymph flowing to keep the body strong and resistant to dis-ease.
    In morning shower,take shower glove, (men too should use a glove) Put glove on hand and soap it. Looking at non gloved hand, locate wrist bone on thunb side, this is the Meridian line. Scrub briskly straight up and into armpit. Scrub armpit and continue down side of body in straight line as far as you can reach.Go back to to other bone on same wrist in line with little finger to top of shoulder rubbing briskly.
    Now down to Rt. Ankle bone. If you can rest it up on the inner side of tub still inside of shower curtain of course or on a little stool it is easier to get at. Now with gloved hand scrub briskly from ankle bone to top of hip as far up as you can reach in a straight line following the Meridian. Repeat on other side of ankle bone up to and including groin area. Now change legs and repeat.
    Change glove to other hand and repeat on hand/arm that you have not done yet. If you have trouble/pain with your knees, scrub firmly in a clockwise rotation around and around.Later do accupressure on the parts that hurt most.
    Now face and neck.Scrub under each ear lobe area. This area becomes full of congested lymph when an infection is coming on.You want to keep these lymph glands clear. Scrub now along both eye brows then third eye then under eyes and now take thumb and forefinger to that piece of cartilage that separates both Rt. and Lt. nostrils. You are stimulating the brain.
    Bring the forefinger down to the space between upper lip and nose. Rub it firmly. This is known as the Governing Vessel for the Meridian system. Now the Jaw. Make a fist and scrub up and down the entire jawline. This brings the circulation into your gums as well and protects you against infection in the canals. Go to your neck now and massage those muscles under the chin and then the neck all the way around.
    Once you learn this short routine and do it daily you will stay healthy and Oh yes, you will keep a firm chin line.
    Don't forget,healthy diet,(Organic Veggies if you can) Alkaline drinking water and moderate exercise.
    The Web sites for the Frequency Generators.
    constance welzel
    Arny Hjaltadottir

    03/12/2012 2:25 PM
    Thank you Constance. I find this very interesting and plan on using it. Thanks.
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