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4 Replies and 2933 Views Permaculture Land-Use Plan  2933  4 Started by  Sun Disc Please post your permaculture land-use plan in this forum. &91;IMAGE:549&93; Permaculture Zones You can either draw up a plan or discuss your design in narrative.
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by  Jeanne-ClaireJump to last post
04/29/2012 8:00 AM
9 Replies and 3759 Views Week 1: Personal Experiences With Elementals  3759  9 Started by  Sun Disc
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PERSONAL EXPERIENCES WITH ELEMENTALS Have you had any personal encounters with the elementals in nature &91;IMAGE:516&93; Please share your elemental stories!
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by  lightsonJump to last post
04/28/2012 1:03 PM
1 Replies and 2715 Views Week 2: Project For Improving Our Space  2715  1 Started by  Sun Disc Week 2 Assignment: Walk your land, home, backyard, and listen for inspiration regarding a project that you can do to improve the space for the elementals and the people around you. &91;IMAGE:527&93; Ask questions like: * What would be the best use of this space * How can I make this a sacred and healing place * How do the elements of fire, air, water and earth combine in a harmonious way MAKE A PLAN AND SUBMIT IT TO THE LAND-USE FORUM. * You can e...
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by  MadelynJump to last post
04/22/2012 10:43 AM
2 Replies and 2827 Views Comments On The Film 'A Thousand Suns'  2827  2 Started by  Jenny Persson In my opinion the contact with Western civilazation did not benefit the people of Gamo Highlands. It was sad to see that the preachers of the gospel and the Bible failed to se the connection to God the people there already had, expressed in their communion with nature. That there is no contradiction in believing in God and believing and communicating with nature and the Earth,just different ways of expressing your faith. And just the thought of Monsanto, AGRA and other Multi National Companies t...
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by  werall1Jump to last post
04/18/2012 3:30 PM
1 Replies and 2793 Views The Magic Flute  2793  1 Started by  Sun Disc THE MAGIC FLUTE Discuss the mystic symbolisms present in Mozart's THE MAGIC FLUTE. &91;IMAGE:515&93; What is Mozart telling us in this archetypal story
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by  CathleenJump to last post
04/07/2012 11:34 AM
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