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9 Replies and 5070 Views God-Mastery  5070  9 Started by  clairenbrown
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Spiritual mastery leads us into the infinite realms of God’s being and of our own God-self. According to the teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanov, to exemplify true mastery, we must have the will and the ability to dominate and control everything within us. It means governing the four lower bodies: the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric. It means balancing the threefold flame within us, maintaining the perfect balance of love, wisdom and power. It means maintaining the constant conscious co...
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04/18/2012 6:32 AM
12 Replies and 5326 Views God-love  5326  12 Started by  clairenbrown
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The Virtues Flowing Forth Through God-Love Saint Germain states in “Saint Germain on Alchemy For the Adept in the Aquarian Age” by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet: (p.309) Remember, true Love is the great magnet that draws forth the Power of God’s heart charged with his holy Wisdom. The secret of the evocation of Power, then, really lies within the heart of Love. (P. 315) Love is more than an effect or lesser causation, it is First Cause and the point of Light beyond all light and...
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04/01/2012 1:19 AM
13 Replies and 5458 Views God-power  5458  13 Started by  clairenbrown
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God-power What virtues associated with God-Power have you discerned in your reflection and contemplation since the first class on January 25th What aspects of God-power do you bring forth consciously in your life and how do you do this What artistic forms call forth specific virtues of God-power for you: a song, a part of nature, a creative activity Do you have any useful resources or teachings to share
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02/21/2012 10:45 AM
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