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4 Replies and 2983 Views An Introduction to the 12 Classes on the 144 Virtues    2983  4 Started by  clairenbrown Welcome to the 144 Virtues Forum! Experience and share the JOY of the virtues! Share and exchange ideas and resources! Why 144 virtues What are they How do the 144 virtues relate to the 12 God-qualities on the cosmic clock How do the virtues relate to the chakras How can we identify and explore these virtues How do we manifest the virtues in our lives What examples can we provide of what the virtues mean to us personally - how we experience them, understand them, envision th...
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01/19/2012 9:06 AM
1 Replies and 5299 Views God-victory  5299  1 Started by  clairenbrown On the eleven o’clock line, Lord Maitreya, the Coming Buddha, the Great Initiator on the hierarchy of Sagittarius, initiates us in the flame of God-victory. The eleven o’clock line is the crown of victory, which is a release of golden illumination. Having passed the initiations on each line of the cosmic clock, experiencing many virtues along the way, we arrive at God-victory in the physical quadrant. Lord Maitreya assists us in fulfilling our victories initiated on the 12 o’clock line, moving u...
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01/06/2013 7:55 AM
1 Replies and 2829 Views God-vision  2829  1 Started by  clairenbrown What does Beloved Cyclopea tell us about God-vision “Some have said that seeing is believing. Well, you see, I have always held this to be true for all and now for you, blessed ones. Visualizing perfection is what the all-seeing masters and the silent watchers are all about. When more among mankind may hold the vision for a golden age and maintain that vision through constancy, then it may appear physically, even as it already appears etherically.” “True visionaries of the Spirit always main...
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by  Dee StewartJump to last post
11/23/2012 4:36 PM
3 Replies and 2688 Views God-reality  2688  3 Started by  clairenbrown On the nine o’clock line of the Holy Spirit, Might Victory from Venus and the Lords of Individuality serve the hierarch of Libra. Victory keeps the flame of God-reality for mankind. He requires us to determine the difference between our Real Self and the unreal synthetic self that is a product of centuries of self-deception. El Morya asks us “When, O soul, will you accept the very present reality of who you are as a God-created being of light, a virtuous spirit borne up on wings of angels and ...
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11/04/2012 2:44 PM
3 Replies and 2939 Views God-justice  2939  3 Started by  clairenbrown Beloved Lord Lanto oversees our initiations on the 8th line of the cosmic clock, God-justice. Beloved Portia and Beloved Kuan Yin tutor us in the ways of justice, mercy and freedom. Lord Lanto works to increase our sense of self-worth, assisting us in internalizing the principle of God-justice, that we all have equal God-potential, that we are all one in God. Beloved Portia tells us that we until we embrace the circle of oneness, surrender our selfhood outside of God, we continue to live in ...
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10/11/2012 6:27 PM
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