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Archangel Michael's Angel
Last Post 25 Feb 2010 01:45 PM by Serena. 1 Replies.
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24 Feb 2010 08:49 PM  
One day in meditation I suddenly saw an angel of Archangel Michael’s legions stand with his back to me. I could see every feather in his huge majestic wings. They weren’t feathers so much as they were electric blue, overlapping, interconnected platelets of bristling strength. There were hundreds of these feathers covering the enormous expanse of his wingspread. The muscles of his shoulders and upper arms rippled like those of a champion weightlifter except that the image of his girth and power was so much more immense and superhuman.
He turned his head slightly to look at me. I could see and feel his complete commitment to protecting me. His face and profile held an expression of such love for God and for me. His sternness exuded total command and the presence of an exquisite reflection of God’s mastery, victory and omniscience.

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25 Feb 2010 01:45 PM  
That is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Intellectually I know that the angels are powerful but I can't say I ever think of it like you did. Thanks.
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