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Last Post 09/21/2020 2:05 AM by  Chris Percy
Guided Meditation 2
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Chris Percy

09/21/2020 2:05 AM
    Guided Meditation 2:


    in Master Djwhal Khul's Second-Ray Synthesis Ashram

    (Dearest sisters and brothers of the Hearts Center, thank you fo choosing to take this further journey. May it bring you a little closer to your destination! Beyond this point, hands and hearts overflowing with Love and blessings await you…
    Vaya con Dios!

    Chris Percy

    P.S. With regard to the representation of Hebrew words in Roman script, please accept my apologies if the versions employed in this series of meditations fall short of best practice. In addition, I hope my British English spelling does not constitute too much of a distraction!)

     Our Father/Mother Most Beloved and Most Holy, Who created us in eternal oneness with You, and in the perfection of Your holiness, Who Are the First, the Last, the ONE I AM, we thank You for the Holy Spirit of Your Presence, Whose Voice has called us to Your Light: the One Light, the Only Light, the Light we are, for we are one with You!

    In Your Light, we look upon the truth of our Being and we remember Your Love: the One Love, the Only Love, the Love we are, for we are one with You!

    In Your Love, we are called to rise to the fullness of our Being and to remember our Purpose, which is Your Will: the One Will, the Only Will, the Will we are, for we are one with You!

    Lord of All Life, Fountain of All Love, You Are the Self we seek. You Are the Self we have never lost. In oneness with You, we have remained in the perfection of our holiness: Light of Light, Love of Love, Will divine of Will divine.

    With heartfelt thanks to You, our Mother/Father of All Mercies, we open our hands, so long tight-closed in their grip of fear around our cherished illusions - of guilt, of sin, of death, of limitation, of imperfection - and we joyfully release them to the all-healing radiance of Your clear Light, receiving, in exchange, all Love for the illusion of our fear, all Light for the illusion of our darkness!

    We thank You, our Creator and Sustainer, the Most High, the Most Holy, for Your Call, placed before time in our heart, which we have heard!

    And now, following that Call, we embark upon this journey of return to You, "in the Light of our heart to the Heart of our Light".

    Our hands and hearts are now open to the blessings of Heaven and in service to our brothers and sisters, that they, with us, may remember the Heaven in which Earth has her Being and, as one, return to You, the ONE we never left!

    Adonai, let the Most Holy Spirit of Your Presence now bless and share our steps on the way of rising Light that leads from the Self remembered to the Self made manifest, teaching us to be ever more fully the Love we are, the Love that is our resurrection, by which we are raised from the illusion of separation to the reality of our unchanged and unchangeable oneness with You, from the illusion of darkness to the reality of Your Light perpetual, from the illusion of death to the reality of the One Life, eternal and at peace, in the glory of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

    We call to You, Whom we have remembered, for all your holy sons and daughters You have never forgotten. Let Your peace be upon us one and all as we return to Your Heart of All Love:

    Adonai! Adonai! Adonai, lift us, in Thy grace, to the Communion of Light!

    Adonai! Adonai! Adonai, lift us, in Thy grace, to the Communion of Light!

    Adonai! Adonai! Adonai, lift us, in Thy grace, to the Communion of Light! AMEN!

     Let us now set the intention and resonance of our ascension and resurrection in the Light divine, by affirming our identity as the Monad, the Mighty I AM-Presence, the living flame of the eternal Fire of the Creator, in the words of power of the Mantra of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Ascended Masters of the Great White Lodge on Sirius:

    I AM LOVE.
    I AM WILL.



     During this meditation and journey, we request the gracious help, guidance and protection of the following holy and beloved servants of the Most High: venerable Ascended Masters Djwhal Khul and Serapis Bey, Lord Maitreya, Lord Saint-Germain, our Mahachohan, Lord Allah Gobi, our Manu, and Ascended Masters El Morya, Kuthumi, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda/Jesus, Lady Nada, and Lady Portia.

     We also call upon His Holiness Father Melchizedek, our Universal Logos, our most beloved Mother Mary, the Blessed Quan Yin, the Boddhisattva of Compassion, Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Siddhartha Gautama, our most venerable Buddha and Lord of the World, and those esteemed and beloved Masters of the Planetary and Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy, as well as those resplendent Angels, Archangels and Elohim of the Light, Love and Power of El Eliyon, the Most High, who are willing to overlight, help, guide and guard our group in all aspects of this meditation.

     We make all the following requests subject to the personal will, and to the will of the Monad, of each member of our group, and subject, in all things, to the Will of our Most Holy Source, asking all under the Law of Divine Grace, so that you may override any request which would not be for our highest good. We ask to receive only those energies, activations and accelerations which each member of our group is able to assimilate into his/her Being safely and comfortably.

     We now send our "grounding cord", which extends downwards from our chakra column, and our energetic "tree-roots", extending through the soles of our feet, down into the core of Mother Earth.

    We call upon the gracious aid of Archangel Sandalphon and Goddess Gaia herself in ensuring that we are fully and securely grounded into the sacred heart of our beloved Earth Mother at all times during the following meditation and journey.

     We now extend our most cordial invitation to the 143 "monadic cousins", or other soul-extensions of the Monad, of each member of our group, as well as the inner-plane guides, angels and teachers of the Light Divine connected to each member, to join us, if they so wish, in this meditation and ascension activation.

     We call forth from holy and beloved Father Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Archangel Metatron a planetary and cosmic axiatonal alignment for all in our group to balance all our energy meridians and align our consciousness with that of the Most Holy Source of All Sources and all levels of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

     We call upon Archangels Michael and Faith to provide their divine and invincible protection in the name of Shaddai El Hai, the Almighty ONE, for each member of our group, by means of their Golden Dome, their Blue-Flame Armour Shield and their Blue-Flame Sword.

     We call to Lords Vywamus and Lenduce, Lord Saint-Germain, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Archangels of the Light Divine, the Lord and Lady of Arcturus and our Arcturian brothers and sisters in the relevant teams, giving our permission for their loving intervention, to clear all negative extraterrestrial implants, all negative elementals and all negative energies from our energy field, individually and collectively.

     We call to Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Archangel Metatron for the anchoring of the Platinum Net to cleanse our individual and collective energy field even more deeply.

     We now call forth, from Master Djwhal Khul and Master Serapis Bey a group merkabah of living Light, in the optimum configuration, large enough to accommodate all the members of our group.

    As we spiritually take our places in this group merkabah, we ask that it be activated in the optimum manner and that we now be transported, in our etheric, or appropriate, bodies, under the protection of Archangels Michael and Faith and under the guidance of Master Djwhal Khul and Master Serapis Bey, to the inner-plane, Second-Ray Synthesis Ashram of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul.

     Our journey takes only a trice - and we arrive at the speed of
    thought at Master Djwhal Khul's Ashram. We find ourselves, in the deep peace and beauty of this sanctified place, seated around Master Djwhal Khul, who beams at us, his arms outstretched in greeting.

    "Welcome, beloved ones of God's Heart!" he telepathically tells us. He says he is grateful and honoured to be of service to us in our further unfoldment, as to walk the Lighted Way of return to Source is to walk the path of service. He wishes us to know that, as we travel on our journey to the Light of our Supreme Being, he is here to serve us, his eternal brothers and sisters, at our every step and, as we have found today, he is only ever a thought away.

    Master Djwhal Khul now invites us to sit and breathe with him, to share the one breath of life and to take the feeling of our oneness - and our oneness with the ONE Who Is - into our hearts with every breath.

    "There is one breath, one life, one Heart of All," he reminds us. "We are one Sacred Heart and eternally one within the Sacred Heart of the Creator. There is no space between us. We are the Eternal Self, breathing in the frictionless flow of Source, in the limitless Light, Love and Power of All That Is.

    "Every breath proclaims our oneness with the Creator and all creation. Let us hear now in the sound of the breath - in the "SO" and the "HAM" - the sound of our oneness with the ONE, the voice of our divinity."

     Let us now inwardly offer Master Djwhal Khul our thanks for receiving us so graciously in his Ashram and so lovingly offering his services to us on our spiritual path and in our ascension and resurrection process.

     Beloved and venerable Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya and Lord Vywamus, will you please now anchor around each member of our group the Core Fear Matrix Removal Programme for a period you deem appropriate during this meditation, removing from our chakras and all parts of our multi-body system, to our highest potential at this time, all core-fear matrices which may be hindering or blocking our ascension and resurrection process?

    Please enrol those members of our group who so wish in the Core Fear Matrix Removal Programme and work with us in this connection in an ongoing manner, as you deem appropriate.

    Let those of us who so wish now inwardly indicate any specific fears which we wish to be cleared and give our consent that all core-fears thus removed be erased from our soul- and akashic records, subject to the will of our Monad, so that we may be totally released from them.

    Let us now enter the silence for a few moments to allow the Masters to initiate the process of removing these core fears like dark weeds from a beautiful garden through our crown chakra.

    [Thirty seconds' silence]

    This process will now be ongoing, as the Masters deem appropriate, during this meditation.
     We now call upon you, beloved Master Serapis Bey and request, subject to your loving permission and that of Master Djwhal Khul, an energetic merger of the Ascension Seat at your Ascension Retreat on the inner plane at Luxor with Master Djwhal Khul's inner-plane Synthesis Ashram, in which we now find ourselves. We ask this to effect a blending of the energies of these respective sanctified locations and to allow you, Master Serapis Bey, who hold the Ascension Flame for Earth, to work, together with Master Djwhal Khul, as closely as possible upon us during this meditation.

     And now, in the sublime and beautiful vibration of the merged energy field of these two spiritual locations, let us, who so wish, formally make our heartfelt requests, subject to the divine Will and under the Law of Grace.

     Beloved Master Djwhal Khul and Master Serapis Bey, please take us under your loving and wise wing and extend your ongoing help to us, in whatever manner you deem appropriate, with all aspects of our healing, clearing, ascension and resurrection process.

     To this end, we ask for your gracious permission, Master Serapis Bey, to visit your inner-plane Ascension Retreat at Luxor, whenever you consider appropriate, in our etheric bodies while our physical bodies are sleeping, to sit in your Ascension Seat and generally receive your help in the unfoldment and realisation of our Being and our ascension into its Light.

     Will you please further help us, venerable Masters, to raise our Light-quotient, over the optimum timescale, to the 80-83% level needed for ascension, and beyond, as well as to raise our Love-quotient, and all other quotients relevant to ascension, to the required levels?

     In addition, we ask you, Master Djwhal Khul, to enrol those in this group who so wish in your Second-Ray Light-Quotient Building Programme, so that we may receive infusions of Light into our etheric bodies whilst asleep, as and when you deem appropriate.

     We further request your permission, Master Djwhal Khul, to visit the Healing Seat in your inner-plane Ashram in our etheric bodies, while our physical bodies are asleep, to receive your ongoing help with our ascension and resurrection process.

     In addition, beloved Masters, we request your gracious ongoing help, under the guidance of our Monad, in safety and with ease and comfort, both while our physical bodies are asleep and during our receptive waking hours, in anchoring, activating and, ultimately, actualising the higher dimensional chakra-grids required for ascension and resurrection.

     Further, will you please help us, again under the guidance of our Monad, in safe and appropriate increments and over the optimum timescale, in the anchoring, activation and ultimate actualisation of our soul- and monadic Lightbodies and monadic blueprint body, or mayavarupa, and, in due season, all higher bodies and energies relating to the completion of our ascension and resurrection process?

     Crucially, Master Djwhal Khul and Master Serapis Bey, we ask your help in realising our mastery by mastering - by continually choosing unconditional Love over fear-based thinking and by following Master Djwhal Khul's memorable injunction to "hold the mind steady in the Light" - the Light Divine of the Monad- and walking upon the Earth as the Mighty I AM-Presence we, each of us, are.

     We now call upon the Chohans, or Lords, of the Seven Rays:
    Master El Morya, Chohan of the First, Red, Ray of Divine Will; Lord Kuthumi, Chohan of the Second, Blue, Ray of Divine Love-Wisdom;
    Master Serapis Bey, Chohan of the Third, Yellow, Ray of Divine Active Intelligence;
    Master Paul the Venetian, Lord of the Fourth, Emerald-Green, Ray of Harmony;
    Master Hilarion, who has responsibility for the Fifth, Orange, Ray of Concrete Science in the service of the ONE;
    Lord Sananda, Chohan of the Sixth, Indigo, Ray of Devotion and Idealism and his assistant, Lady Nada;
    and Lord Saint-Germain, our Mahachohan, and Lady Portia, under whose aegis is the Seventh, Violet, Ray of Ceremonial Magic, Transmutation and Liberation.

    We further call upon Lord Maitreya and Lord Allah Gobi, our Manu.

    As you deem appropriate, most loving and beloved Lords of the Light divine, both during this meditation and in an ongoing manner throughout our lives, will you please grant each member of our group, without our having to make a prior request, an infusion into our Being of those energies of the Seven Rays for which you perceive a need, in order to assist us in the progressive realisation of our divine Self in the service of the ONE In All?

    We would also request this profound grace in connection with the five so-called “Higher Rays”:

    the Eighth, Sea-Foam Green, Ray of Higher Cleansing;
    the Ninth, Blue-Green, Ray of Joy;
    the Tenth, Pearlescent, Ray of the permanent anchoring of the soul- and monadic Lightbodies;
    the Eleventh, Pink-Orange, Ray, which is the energetic bridge to the “golden age” of Aquarius;
    and the Twelfth, Golden, Ray of Divine, or Christ-/
    Buddha-, Consciousness.

    We open our heart fully to the Twelfth Golden Ray's glorious resonance of unconditional Love, inviting it to perfuse our entire energy matrix. We ask to be anointed with this sacred energy, so that, fully embracing our oneness with the ONE Who Is, we may be empowered to pass through the seven seals of initiation at planetary level and take on the full mantle of unconditional Love in the service of the sons and daughters of the One Mother/Father and All That Is.

    Please further grant us, and all our sisters and brothers on Earth who are ready and willing to receive it, your collective blessing upon, and ongoing aid with, all aspects of our journey upon the “Lighted Way”, so that the Light of resurrection may shine forth from our living temples to the glory of the ONE.

    In this request, which we make subject to the divine Will and under the Law of Grace, we once again ask to receive only those energies which we are each able to assimilate into our Being safely and with ease and comfort.

    We ask thus to be blessed that we may bless, to be freed that we may be agents of liberation and to receive grace that we may be instruments of grace of the ONE in the service of All That Is.

     “Rest assured, dear sisters and brothers of the Heart of Compassion, all you have asked shall be given,” Master Djwhal Khul declares, “for the Light you seek is but the Light of your Being. Your journey into that Light is simply composed of the steps you take to remain within it. We have joy in inviting you to share with us now some of these steps of rising Light which, even as you steadfastly walk ever within the Light divine of your Being, will bring you, swiftly and surely, to stand in the heart of its transfiguring radiance!

    “The service we would render to our brothers and sisters calls upon us to stand thus, to know the Love the Creator Is and which we, in our oneness with the Creator, therefore are! It calls upon us to be the open channels through which the Love of the ONE may flow without resistance to all within the ONE.

    “Let us not draw back from the glory of the Light we are: this is our reality and, in opening to it, we are opening ever wider the door through which our brothers and sisters will also walk to their liberation…

    “We now have joy in offering you what we might describe as an energetic optimisation, whereby the major and minor energy channels of yo Being will be brought into optimum operation across the dimensions, so that they may bear the Light of the Spirit to their highest potential.”

    We each now find ourselves surrounded by three large, luminous spheres of electric-blue energy, which begin to slowly rotate around us. As they do so, they progressively merge, all the while filling our energy matrix with an increasingly expansive feeling of harmony, clarity and peace.

    We have a heightened sense of the flow of the energies of life itself through our Being and of our Being itself held in the flow of the energies of life. It is as though, right across the dimensions, the vehicles of our Self are being aligned and doors are being opened – doors to our transformation: to the life of the Monad, the limitless divine Spirit we are…
    Let us enter the silence for minute to allow this process to be completed.

    Now, materialising through a portal of shimmering Light, the great keeper and teacher of the wisdom of ascension and resurrection, and holder of the Ascension Flame for our Planet, Ascended Master Serapis Bey, steps forth into our midst in a resplendent aureole of gold and blue.

    “I salute you, esteemed and beloved travellers in rising Light!” he inwardly tells us, raising his hands in blessing.”Be blessed in oneness, for in oneness it is that we pass through the portals of our Being to enter more and more deeply into the core of the
    Light we are. Those who passed earlier through these portals have left their footsteps , and their call to the heart, for those who would follow later upon the way of return to the Light. And these, in turn, hold the doors open, ever wider, for those following them.

    “Thus it is that the route of oneness leads us to our destination: we manifest all we are by manifesting our oneness with all and with the ONE Who IS All.

    “Please be mindful that, though we would, of course, serve you upon your path, it is not we who confer the blessings of oneness upon you. We are acting as instruments of grace, through which, if you so wish, you may receive them from the ONE. In choosing to tread the path of return to the Light of life and, rising to the full stature of your Being, to wear the crown of life eternal, you are claiming but what is, and has ever been, yours!”

    There now materialises, before each member of our group, an oval of radiant golden energy, which has the appearance of a cartouche, as used in Ancient Egypt to bear the name of a Pharaoh.

    “The cartouche now before each of you,” Master Serapis Bey continues, “bears the name of a great ruler. That name in glorious Light is, of course, your name, for you are the ruler on the throne of your consciousness.

    “Recognise your Self as such and rise to the full stature of your Light!

    “This is the reality you are increasingly manifesting. To you who are walking the path of realisation of your oneness with the One Life in the Light of the ONE, the blessings of the Heart of the ONE now flow!

    “Beloved rising ones, a dispensation of grace is now being offered you: open your Being, if you will, to the Flame of Rising. Receive this blessing of the ONE, that you may be a blessing to all in the ONE!”

    Master Serapis Bey crosses his arms, placing his hands on his shoulders, before raising his hands to either side of his head. Now, placing both hands on his heart, he opens his arms wide, projecting tongues of golden-white flame above the head of each of u.
    “Let the flame of the eternal Fire of the ONE,” he declares, “now know its Self, living henceforth in the Light of Life!”

     We call with Master Serapis Bey:

    “I Am the Monad.
    I Am the Light Divine.
    I Am Love.
    I Am Will.
    I Am fixed design.

    Nuk Pu Nuk.
    I Am That I Am.


     We feel all our chakras open up in a surge of activity, as the sublime ascension energies of the golden-white Flame of Rising now enter our crown chakra and, very gently, travel down our chakra column, infusing our Being with a feeling of bliss and liberation…

    Let us enter the silence for the next minute to savour with gratitude this grace, as it is bestowed upon us…

     Now, in a resplendent aura of golden-white, with a beautiful rose Light emanating from his heart, Lord Maitreya, the Head of our Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy, appears before us, smiling, his arms opened in greeting.

    "Dearly loved hearts of the One Heart," he inwardly tells us, "it is a great joy for me to come before you and I bow to your divine Presence. I salute your courage in heeding the voice of that divine Presence and standing steadfast in its Light. It will be my honour to assist you, if you will, to enter, and to dwell in, the Holy Place of your divine Presence. The Holy Place is your Sacred Heart, where my heart ever waits to enfold you in the sweet communion of Love divine in the One Heart of All.

    "Our journey is not one of exploration, but of remembrance: to remember our eternal oneness with all and the ONE in Whom all has its Being and, finally and forever, to embrace the Love which holds us all in Being.

    "Walk with me now, step by sacred step, on this journey of remembrance, so as to hasten the arrival of that which has been called "Heaven" on Earth. "Heaven" will arrive on Earth when our brothers and sisters on Earth realise that Earth is already in "Heaven"!

    "Let the steps we share, then, be steps of rejoicing, for we are walking with Light and lighted hearts to the golden dawn; the Sun of our Being has risen!

    "You, beloved ones of my heart, are the Light of this world and I offer you, from my heart to yours, Light to Light, a living, golden spark of the Risen Sun of our Being."

    Lord Maitreya now takes from his heart-centre a number of tiny points of radiant golden Light, like miniature suns. Casting them from his hand, he causes one of the radiant points of Light to float before each of us.

    "Place, if you will," Lord Maitreya invites us, "this spark of the Risen Sun of our Being in your Sacred Heart and walk with me always in its Light divine and in remembrance of our eternal oneness with its supreme and glorious Source!"

     Let those of us who so wish now place this golden particle of the Risen Sun of our Being into our heart-centre, offering our deepest and most heartfelt thanks to Lord Maitreya for this most sanctified gift and all his Love and blessings.

     Let us now enter the silence to savour this moment and the profundity of the grace and blessing we have received from beloved Lord Maitreya.

     We offer our heartfelt thanks to Lord Maitreya, Master Djwhal Khul, Master Serapis Bey and the Chohans of the Seven Rays, as well as all those holy and venerable servants of the Most High who have showered such profound grace, Love and blessings upon us during this meditation.

    May you be crowned, one and all, in the divine radiance of your perfected oneness in the ONE, Whose infinite blessings be upon you in the name of the Father Universes, and of the Son Universes and of the Holy Shekinah Universes. So be it - and so it is!
     We now call forth again our group merkabah from Master Djwhal Khul and Master Serapis Bey.

     Taking our places, we ask that our merkabah once again be activated in the optimum manner and that we now be transported, under the guidance of Master Djwhal Khul and Master Serapis Bey, and under the protection of Archangels Michael and Faith, back to our physical bodies on Earth, or to the appropriate bodies and locations for those of our brothers and sisters on the inner planes who have joined us for this meditation and upon whom also we now call forth the blessings of the Most High.

     Let us feel ourselves smoothly and effortlessly returning to this location, to this room, in which we started this meditation, and to our physical bodies. We ask Archangel Sandalphon and Goddess Mother Earth to help us ground ourselves fully back into our physical vehicles and to integrate the energies and activations we have received in this meditation. We send our "grounding cord" and energetic "tree-roots" down into the heart of Mother Earth.

     We call upon our personal healing angels to perfectly balance our chakras and multi-body system. We now give our thanks and send our Love to Archangel Sandalphon, the Goddess Mother Earth and our personal healing angels.

     We call once again upon Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, Lord Sanat Kumara, and the Masters of the Planetary and Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy of the ONE to gather any spiritual energies we have received in this meditation which are surplus to our requirements and to use them as they deem appropriate in the service of our brothers and sisters and All That Is. We thank you, once again, beloved and faithful servants of El Eliyon, Whose eternal blessings be upon you!

     Let us feel the Love, Wisdom and Compassion in our heart. Let us carry with us, on our journey of remembrance, the oneness of our heart with the heart of Lord Maitreya, of Master Djwhal Khul, of Master Serapis Bey, with the hearts of all and with the Heart of All.

     Let us take a few moments to acclimatise ourselves to our everyday surroundings, feeling beneath us the chair in which we are sitting and our feet on the floor.

    When we are ready, let us open our eyes, and our hearts, to our eternal oneness with our brothers and sisters in this room, in this country and on this Planet and let us serve them in the Light, the Love and the Will-to Good of the Monad, the Mighty I AM-Presence, our divine Self.

     The Forces, the Hosts and the Legions of Light are with us. Let us feel their wings of almighty Love around us. Let us feel the warmth and radiance of the Risen Sun of our divine Being. And let our Being proclaim, with every breath of life, with every thought of Love, with every word of blessing and with every deed of selfless service:

    Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts!

    Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever! AMEN!

     I AM Melchizedek:
    In Alpha,
    In Omega,
    Through Omega,
    In the ONE I AM.