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0 Replies and 192 Views The American Black Family  192  0 Started by  edward THE TRUTH!!! 72 of American babies born in our Black Community are born out of wedlock! This is a MORAL problem, ONLY the Black Community can solve. Go to Bing.com Type:The Black Family is Struggling, and it's NOT because of Slavery By Walter E. Williams Go to Bing.com Type: Prager university the Black Man Go to the top click: Vid...
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07/11/2019 9:26 AM
0 Replies and 191 Views Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 21, 2019  191  0 Started by  edward The Drum Major Instinct https://www.youtube.com/resultssearch_query=martinlutherjr.,thedrummajorinstinct_sermonbybigron1776
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01/21/2019 12:28 AM
0 Replies and 197 Views El Morya: Nov. 20, 2018  197  0 Started by  edward Our Beloved El Morya says: The Universe is only one of God's toys. Book: Now, Zen and Always REVELATION 1. An act of revealing a Divine Truth. 2. Something that is revealed by God to humans. 3. A pleasant often enlightening surprise. Let Us Play! The Pursuit of HAPPINESS. The Pursuit of GOD.
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11/20/2018 5:49 AM
0 Replies and 190 Views Afra Speaks: The Divine Origin of Man  190  0 Started by  edward Beloved Afra, what, if any is the causal relationship between man and ape Many people are still under the impression that man evolved from apes. There is a similarity in the generic pool of chimpanzee, ape, orangutan, monkey, and mankind. Yet, understand that man is endowed with the ability to cognize, to think the thoughts of God at a higher level. For there is a spark within the heart that is vouchsafed to Man, with a capital M, that gives him and her the ability, through the connectio...
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09/05/2018 12:45 AM
0 Replies and 189 Views Our Journey HOME!  189  0 Started by  edward Eckhart Tolle Did the Universe make a mistake with the ego https://www.youtube.com/resultssearch_query=didtheuniversemakeamistakewiththeegoeckharttolle Our Biggest Enemies of THE LIGHT: Our human ego, Our dweller, Our Carnal mind and Our monkey mind. *** When we are unhappy one or more of the above is in control. E.G.O. = Edge God Out My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I surrender to you all of my human ego, all of my dwelle...
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08/08/2018 1:58 AM
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