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1 Replies and 4104 Views Jade Temple  4104  1 Started by  constance From the first day of the 7day abundance ritual when David was speaking of the visualization of The Jade Temple, I saw this Temple very clearly and myself kneeling before the Altar which had an 'eternal' flame of green and gold burning from a Jade crystal bowl on it. It had a green marble floor with Jade veined with gold columns It was open to the sky. This visualization was quite strong and has come to me every time that we have completed the ritual daily. So clear in fact that I have been com...
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by  CathleenJump to last post
08/01/2014 4:38 PM
0 Replies and 2942 Views THE FAREWELL SONG OF THE SOUL  2942  0 Started by  Yves These words are not my own. I copied them, for my own use, from a book I read 30-35 years ago. Unfortunately, I do not recall the name of the book or the author. ' When the last notes of the summer symphony steal through the garden, I shall prepare for a journey. I shall close the book of the hours and set my seal thereupon with unfaltering hand. ' Never again from this window shall I see the chaste eastern maiden coming, rosy from slumber, or the argosy flying the golden fleece, sailin...
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01/29/2013 7:09 PM
3 Replies and 6151 Views Remembering past lives  6151  3 Started by  Boyd Badten I've discovered that it's possible to gain some insight into some of my past lives via the following procedure: In the ordinary course of living if I 'keep an eye' on my emotions I sometimes notice what I would call a somewhat 'unaccounted for' feeling about someone or something I encounter or observe. If I stop and allow myself to feel the emotion for a while and then gently query myself as to 'why that thing happened to me' in the past, sometimes images start to come into view in my minds e...
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by  Boyd BadtenJump to last post
08/14/2011 10:30 PM
0 Replies and 2100 Views Reincarnation  2100  0 Started by  Deleted User I was presented with a quesiton recently, that I felt I had not addressed properly. The question was in regard to reincarnation. The person who posed the question had decided that reincarnation did not exist because of the understanding that when Jesus, during the three days that he was in the tomb; after the crucifixtion went down to hell and rescued souls. It was stated that the first beloved soul he saw was Adam..., The individual felt this proved that souls sit in hell, purgatory, etc. u...
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08/08/2011 9:31 AM
0 Replies and 2311 Views Prior Incarnations of St. Patrick  2311  0 Started by  Kathleen At a youth darshan on December 4, 2005 in Downer's Grove, IL a young heartfriend asked Lanello about St. Patrick's prior incarnations. I offer Beloved Lanello's response below: Saint Patrick served on Lemuria many times in both healing temples and a specific temple that was what you would term a temple of miracles. He is a friend of El Morya and a very close personal friend of Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus. And your parents can find in the teachings of Sanat Kumara in 1978-1979 a whole ...
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03/17/2010 9:00 AM
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