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0 Replies and 1178 Views Twin Flame  1178  0 Started by  Philip With the help of my twin flame, Keep me away from Wisdom that does not cry, Philosophy that does not laugh Greatness that does not bow Knowledge that does not learn And Teachers that do not open doors. Give me guidance to seek Wisdom, Philosophy, Greatness, Knowledge and be a teacher to open greater doors for all.
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03/17/2013 5:04 AM
0 Replies and 1516 Views On Twin Flames and Soul Mates  1516  0 Started by  constance My take on this subject may sound a bit odd to my fellow HF's. However here it is. I know from many examples in present and past society that finding one's Twin Flame does not necessarily mean that they live in an enraptured relationship. Frequently they don't. It would be wonderful if they did,I have imagined such a relationship. However it is rare. I see many Soul Mates living a wonderful coexistence I have often silently envied them. So I have thought to myself and discussed this with my I A...
0 1516
03/11/2013 11:47 AM
0 Replies and 1435 Views Love expressed through drama  1435  0 Started by  Madelyn Through the years I have felt great love expressed through drama, both stage and screen. I understand the arts have been perverted in many ways, but on occasion an inspirational work will be offered that is uplifting. Mona shared the great love her Grandmother had found in her later years, which brought to mind a new movie I recently saw called 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' it depicts a story of a number of different elderly people who travel to India only to discover the 'resort' they were s...
0 1435
03/03/2013 2:14 PM
You are not authorized to create a new topic
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