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Last Post 09/02/2012 12:19 PM by  mtopero
Welcome MU 1204 Students!
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Sun Disc

08/20/2012 10:51 AM

    Please read from THE BOOK OF DIVINE MAGIC before Sunday August 26th, 2012 the following:

    Chapters 11, 10, 8, 14, 15, 1 and 16 in that order.

    Please do the following Homework Assignment:

    Experiment with the law of affinity. You can try this with any of the sponsoring masters of this course or any master you feel close to like a personal sponsoring master. First, say a prayer or sing a song that is particular to that master; then, read that master's words, meditate on them, and gaze at his picture intently.

    The object of this meditation is to establish contact with the master through his image and his words. His image is a means of contacting his spirit, just as the sun is an image of God, which helps us to contact His Great Spirit. In his book KNOW THYSELF, Omraam wrote " . . . when a disciple looks at a photograph of his master, he cannot help but sense that that form, that physical body, speaks to him . . . and reveals the things of the spirit."

    Then write down any inspired thoughts that enter your mind that you feel are from the master. You can write about the results of your experiment in the forum or report on it at the next class.

    Please post in the forum your thoughts and observations on the following Discussion Questions:

    1) How have you or someone else you know practiced white magic?

    2) Be mindful of your hand gestures (pointing, waving, fiddling with objects) and the effect they have on you and others.

    Share your observations.

    09/02/2012 7:02 AM
    I believe I am practicing "white magic" when I write and burn letters after I have read them aloud to the masters; or when I placed my R hand over the lists of people we invited by snail mail or email to our August 30 teleclass, and sent them Light and Love; actually I did Ho'opono on them. Both were done before the class. Plus the Prayer Team and others did this. This class brought
    50 people, many that we did not know and we seemed to have clear functioning phone communication without challenges. We
    did not have pictures of them available, but could visualize and still send them Light and Love from our hearts and hands.

    09/02/2012 12:19 PM
    Congradulations on attreacting so many students. I tried to join but couldn't find the list of phone numbers--I couldn't access your email because my hotmail account was froze and I am wondering if it might be possible to post the list of phone numbers under announcements on the homepage on the day of the day. Thanks so much for sponsoring this class every month--6 pm is quite challenging for me especially in the summer time and I have conflicts with several others meetings, etc. on Thursdays so I can attend very seldom but love them when I can.