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0 Replies and 4903 Views Another 'must read'on conscious language  4903  0 Started by  constance I posted a topic under 'Smile' regarding Saint Germain and Conscious Language. Very important to all of us.
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02/01/2011 12:21 PM
2 Replies and 4168 Views Meru Class Discussions  4168  2 Started by  Doreen Do Animals Speak I desire to share my experience which I recently had while babysitting Casey, my niece's dog. It was the close of the day. I slipped into a reclining chair, threw a warm quilt over me, desiring to have just a few moments to meditate. Peaches, my poodle,quickly hopped onto the chair and nestled herself into the quilt. Casey standing nearby began to whine. 'Well, I thought if I ignore her she may just lay down and relax.' Having one m...
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by  constanceJump to last post
03/29/2010 9:22 PM
3 Replies and 4022 Views Upgrading my yoga through language, Dwinn  4022  3 Started by  Ronald and Dwinn I found myself frustrated when I did not accomplish my goal of doing yoga every day. With the simple statement of I choose to do yoga every day, I found that it was happening joyfully without resistance.
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by  NicolaJump to last post
02/22/2010 1:53 PM
2 Replies and 4090 Views Using Conscious Language during a healing crisis  4090  2 Started by  Margaret Hi fellow students and heartfriends. I request feedback on how anyone may have successfully used Conscious Language during a healing crisis. Here's the situation: about a week ago a problem with a spinal disc in my lower back caused the soft tissues in my left hip to go into spasm creating intense pain in my left SI joint, left hip and down my left leg (nerve root irritation caused by overlying tissues in spasm. Any movement has been difficult and the pain has been intense even without movement....
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by  KathleenJump to last post
02/20/2010 5:32 PM
4 Replies and 4315 Views Joyful Achievement  4315  4 Started by  Cheryl Bench I am accomplishing all my work easily and effortlessly. It is a joy to be the instrument of my higher self every moment of the day and night!
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by  Cheryl BenchJump to last post
02/12/2010 6:01 PM
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