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Divine Reality
Last Post 01 Jul 2018 07:43 PM by Serena. 1 Replies.
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24 Jun 2018 09:13 AM  
How can we grasp Divine Reality?, I think I have an idea but I know it's not enough.
According to my Cosmic Clock, this year has been one in witch I need to work on Divine Reality.
Are there any decrees you might recomend?
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01 Jul 2018 07:43 PM  
Hello Anna! I'm just a fellow seeker. I don't have all the answers...but...if you asked me..I would think that having vision would help you see God Reality. So, prayers like 50.001 Perfect Vision. Or perhaps a call like 20.012 I AM Awake. It mentions the cosmic being Victory on the 9 o'clock line so maybe some calls to him might inspire your God Reality. Here are two I found 20.003 Mighty Victory's Call to Action and 20.028 Where Two or More Are Gathered in Mighty Victory's Name. There is also the Cosmic Cycles Clearance call 6.002, if you haven't found that already. They are all in the prayer book and also online. Hope that helps. Remember, God in life is all that's real!
Love to you!
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