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Kuthumi      June 12, 2018

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
June 12, 2018   3:30–3:37 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana 

The Presence of Peace Is Everywhere and the Glory of Peace Is within You!
Would You Be an Advocate of Peace upon Earth? 

Dear Ones,

            The presence of peace is everywhere, and the glory of peace is within you. Since the kingdom of God is within you and the New Jerusalem is the perfect example of that eternal city of light, so peace reigns within the hearts of those who abide within the consciousness of God, the aura of the Almighty.

            To access this state of perfect peace, go within and commune with the divine light that resides inside the secret chamber of your heart. To know and experience this peace, practice the Presence—that is, maintain the harmony of your true nature within God, inside of the circle of his identity, the fire of her being. To become peace, allow the glory of peace to manifest through your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. Invite peace, as an ever-present resource and divine quality, to reside where you live, move and have your being.

            All have the opportunity to live in a peaceful state of awareness. All have the option of relying on the inner voice to guide them to all-truth, all-love, all-light. All have the commission to move beyond human stress, struggle and strife to maintain the equipoise of the Christ and the equanimity of the Buddha. When you make right choices to maintain your peace, you feed the greater field of peace that exists in the divine octaves, awaiting mankind's desire to access it and to be the living light of peace to all.

            The Son of God, Jesus, is known as the Prince of Peace because he was a loving ambassador for and on behalf of the Lord God, who reigns supreme within the Great Central Sun as the King/Queen of eternal peace. Jesus became an extension of that supernal peace within the lower reality that you experience here. He emanated every sub-virtue of peace in order to bring the blessings of heaven's intercessory saving grace into play upon Earth. Where Jesus walked, the living light of peace transformed lives and shifted the consciousness of thousands to seek a more intimate and hallowed walk with the Divine One.

            O holy ones, would you be an advocate for peace upon Earth at this time wherever you live? Would you consciously choose to maintain your harmony so that peace may flow through you unabated to all? Do you desire to increase your ability to broadcast the energies of peace to many who require an advocate and even a savior to buffer them from the harsh unrealities of today's human experience on Earth?

            The Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe have vowed to maintain a higher level of peace within their hearts, minds and souls in order to safeguard lightbearers from the onslaughts of darkness at this time. They have pledged their honor and their allegiance to the Prince of Peace to draw forth the frequencies of Christic, Buddhic and Atmic peace, that they may flow, glow and grow within this domain.

            You too may work with these elder brothers and sisters of Solar joy to carve out pathways of light for many to walk upon toward their liberation and ascension. The more divine light you bear and share, the sooner all will experience the Edenic estate of perfect peace both here below and there above!

            Yes, sing of peace! Dance to the rhythms of peace where you abide! Pray for peace while modeling what a true advocate of peace can manifest, through a humble heart and an intrepid will to succeed, in bringing God's kingdom from heaven to earth. As initiates of the World Teachers, we send you forth to share the gospel of peace—the good news about a glorious future now manifesting within the eternal Now within all!

            Thank you for your service today and for ministering to many through your prayers, rosaries and virtuous lives. Your purity is what attracts rivers of peace to you. Your humility is what keeps you steeped in the joy-field of divine happiness and lasting peace.

            I AM your Kuthumi, blessing you with the rays of peace today to raise you into the all-glory of God's Presence in your midst.  Thank you.


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