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Serapis Bey      June 06, 2018

David Christopher Lewis (overshined by Serapis Bey)
June 6, 2018   7:51–7:55 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                    Serapis Bey Announces the Ascension of Cheryl Bench, Lady Fair Grace

Serapis Bey announces that our beloved Cheryl Bench, Lady Fair Grace, as she was anointed, or knighted, has indeed made her ascension as of midnight last night. And she had balanced, before her illness, 77 percent of her karma, which is fantastic! And through all that she weathered through the pain and the suffering of experiencing this cancer, she increased that to 81 percent. So congratulations, Lady Fair Grace! You can refer to her and pray to her as Cheryl or Ascended Lady Master Cheryl or, if you choose, as Lady Fair Grace.

I considered her a sister of mine. She was born, I believe, in 1956, the same as me, and I believe she was a Libra. I was trying to get her exact birthday. I think it was October 5, 1956, but, I'm not exactly positive. I believe it's in that range. If anybody has her birthday, Cathleen Alexander or anyone else, I would like to have you confirm that.

So, Cheryl, thank you for being in our community, for serving with us; for conducting classes of Meru University; for giving beyond the call of duty many, many times; for all your donations, your tithes; for coming to conferences. I think the first conference I remember her coming to was in Chicago, back in 2005 at Techny Towers the first time we were there. That's the first one I remember her at. And I remember having lunch with her and other heartfriends there and sharing.

She loved to sing and play the guitar earlier in her life. Of course, she completed her doctorate in the last few years, just probably within the last three or four years. And she served many people in hospice work near the end of her life. She required a little bit of help at the end of her life, but what a life of givingness and service and of love. She loved being on boats on the Pacific, near Carpinteria and Santa Barbara, kind of mid- to northern California—well, actually, southern California, north of Los Angeles.

I was told yesterday that when the fires were occurring in Santa Barbara, she just couldn't handle all the atmospheric haze and smoke, so she went up to Oregon, where she had grown up, and stayed up in that area for a while. And then, apparently, she went to Mexico to try to be in the sun near the end of her life.

So, again, it was quite a shock. I tried to communicate with her a number of times in the last year. And I guess she desired to maintain privacy about what she was going through and didn't really want a lot of people to know. So I'm sorry for that.

Cheryl, we love you and we are grateful that you have made it and that you are an inspiration to all who knew you and that you can bless all who knew you, your greater spiritual family, which includes many, many people whose lives you touched, as well as those of us in The Hearts Center.

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