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Lanello      May 05, 2018

Beloved Lanello and Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
May 5, 2018   12:30–1:00 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana 

Insights and Keys for Self-Mastery through Mindful Means


Dear Hearts of Fire,

            We are here today to provide some insights and keys for your Self-mastery through a number of mindful means and conscious choices on your path. We pray that you will take these to heart and reflect on them in order to incorporate them into your lives on a regular basis.

            Saint Germain has shared that he made two million right decisions. Have you considered the dynamic of how he did this? Have you determined that you too will maintain the constancy of divine focus to also steadily ascend the spirals of light toward your ascension?

            When you rely on God for everything in your life, God the Father will empower and guide you through a blue-ray manifestation of divine direction. God the Son/Daughter will enlighten and teach you while demonstrating how to be victorious in all things. God the Holy Spirit will inspire you and assist you through your initiatic path. And God the Mother will nurture your soul with the comfort flame and the healing light of her magnanimous being.

            Follow the golden threads of solar light to your Sun Source. Rely on your inner compass of truth and integrity to proceed to true north. Listen to your inner voice: your teacher, mentor, coach and advocate. Accept correction from God from wherever it originates, even if the messenger be someone or something that seems to magically or mystically appear for only a fleeting moment.

            Being observant and reflective about your life provides you with the divine edge of higher mindfulness that will nearly always save you time, energy, resources and friends! Being considerate of yourself and others in all situations allows you to gain quicker access to the higher way, truth and life of the Christ, the Buddha and the Divine Mother.

            Following is a very short seven-step path to Self-mastery to observe before you engage in any important activity, especially before you speak or act or make life-altering decisions. First, pause and be still. Second, ask for assistance, for an answer to an issue or for a sign as to how to proceed. Third, listen carefully and wait for a reply from within. Fourth, once you have heard or felt an intuitive response, consider it and muse on how you may put it into play in your life. Fifth, confirm and then affirm within your heart that this indeed is the option that you truly desire to take or the course you are willing to follow. Sixth, obey the inner prompting and act with certainty and deliberation. And seventh, once you have completed the necessary steps in your action, reflect on your experience and seek to learn from your decision.

            Beloved ones, many people act rashly rather than rationally. Pausing before speaking, engaging, acting or reacting allows the Holy Spirit to come and inspire you in the sacred space created within the divine silence of your heart, mind and soul. Those who meditate savor silence and the wisdom that divine muses deposit into their hearts in the sanctum of inner stillness.

            Your holiness is won through surrender, nonattachment; through releasing, not grasping; and through the aikido of acceptance and embracing, not the violent overreaction of revenge and retaliation. Saintliness is secured through serving and giving, through selflessness and forgiving. Adeptship is attained through entering the nondual state of beingness through the portals of love and reverence and unity. 

            Comply with universal law through obedient listening and holy surrender through the nexus of your will. Comply with universal wisdom through study and seeking to understand what your inner Self is communicating to you through the nexus of your mind. Comply with universal love through compassionate giving and charitable offering through the nexus of your heart.

            God is the arbiter of your divine destiny and knows the perfect timing of your enlightenment, Self-realization and final liberation. Be patient, tolerant, reverent and kind. Be gentle, virtuous, courageous and intrepid!

            Dear ones, move from knowing the truth to being the truth, from sitting at the feet of the masters to walking hand in hand with them to become the master of your life. Endear yourself to the Divine Brother/Sisterhood of the Spirit through unabashed honesty and complete integrity. Employ bravery in adversity, and authenticity within every thought, feeling, word and deed.

            The ascended masters look highly upon those whose love of God is genuine and whose devotion to fulfilling their reason for being is obvious because they live with the passion of purpose, within the power of their Presence. Be the transformational change that you desire to see outpictured in others and in the world around you. 

            Self-define now your new reality in God through deliberate and determined action, through constancy and, lastly, through humility in the face of every challenge, and kindness in the face of all adversity.

            Believe! Be love! And be wise as the Holy Dove!

            We are your Lanello and Guru Ma, Clare de Lis.

David's Comments:

            I would title this HeartStream “Insights and Keys for Self-Mastery through Mindful Means.” I believe that there are a number of keys within this HeartStream that can help us, every day really, because I've observed in my life at times, especially in the past, early in my chelaship, when I probably acted rashly rather than rationally, where I acted from a point of devotion to the path and the masters, yet with somewhat of fanaticism.

I think that as we age and hopefully become wiser, we become much more cautious in the way that we present ourselves, that we speak to people, and we are both caring and careful in how we comport ourselves, treat others and even move within society. Everything becomes a flow. And when we're in the light, we're served by that light and we're buoyed up by that light. And yet at times we have to be even more observant, because as lightbearers, lightworkers, lightsharers, there can be a tendency to judge others from the standpoint that we know better or we are better. And so humility is so key, and love and compassion and kindness. Honesty and integrity become even more and more important as we move up the steps of the initiatic path.

I think that Lanello and Clare de Lis giving us these seven little keys, or short steps, gives us pause to pause before we make a major decision or speak or act. We just pause; we actually listen—pause and listen. We pause and become still. We listen. We ask a question of the universe, of God or of our Higher Self and then we wait until we hear. We listen and wait until we hear from within what the best course of action is. And then once we feel or hear or intuit the response, we still have to consider it to make sure that it's real and that it's from God or from our conscience or our Higher Self and muse on it before we put it into play, decide how we will put it into play. Then finally we just say: “Okay, I confirm that this is real. I affirm it, and I now opt to make it reality.”

So we obey the prompting, we act with certainty and deliberation, we move forward and we don't rue our decision. We have mindfully considered it and then we act. And then, seventh, after everything is said and done and we've acted and we've seen the results, we reflect on it and we seek to learn from the experience. I think many of us have done this throughout our lives, in one sense.

Yet when we are meeting the final initiations on the path toward the ascension, we have to be even more careful because we have potentially a lot more power, spiritual power. And if we make wrong decisions, we can go down the wrong path and misuse that power and make karma, and we don't desire to do that. So it's important to follow these steps. You could probably come up with other words that describe the process that you follow in your life to make your two million right decisions.

I love the part of the HeartStream where Lanello and Clare de Lis said to comply with universal law, universal wisdom, universal love. We think of complying with the law, yet we also have to comply with the other two plumes of the threefold flame: universal wisdom, universal love. Well, how do we do that? They gave us some keys there.

I loved how they wrapped up the HeartStream by saying that the masters look highly upon those whose love is genuine and who are really devoted to fulfilling their reason for being and who are moving from just knowing the truth to being the truth, from sitting at the feet of the masters to actually walking hand in hand with them. This is what our entire movement was created to facilitate—for us to all become the masters of who we are, not just listening to a guru or a teacher week after week or even just listening to these HeartStreams. We have to act upon those that really move us and that mean something to us.

I believe that many of you are becoming the masters of your destiny. You don't really require guidance from me, David Lewis. You can go within to receive directly from your I AM Presence and from the ascended masters whom you resonate with and you work with and get direction and guidance directly from them. I'm not really an intercessor in this way. I'm just a reminder of what we all can do, and my role is just to help facilitate it somewhat.

Once you are on the path of chelaship and then discipleship and then an initiate moving toward your ascended masterhood, all of these initiations are something that you experience directly. They don't go through me; I'm not an intermediary. And I think that's a little bit different in our dispensation than some others, where we felt that we had to have a physical guru to tell us what to do; we checked with that person, or whatever. Now it's about checking internally, and it really always has been. Yet in organizations that become a little solidified in their doctrine and dogma, sometimes it's easy to give away our power and not to embrace it as part of the initiatic path that we all have to go through.

I think we have very wise people in our community worldwide who get this dynamic and who have responded to this dispensation, because from the very beginning of it, it has been about the empowerment of all of us—to be messengers in our own right, to be advocates of the ascended masters' teachings and to be those who actually demonstrate it through our practical lives. We're not here to just listen, listen, listen. We're here to apply and, through that application, to gain self-mastery. So I applaud all of you worldwide who have seen to it that you are walking the path hand in hand with the masters.

Yes, we have many HeartStreams and we have had wonderful events where the masters have come and broadened our awareness and given us certain keys. Yet we have to take up those keys; we have to live the teaching; we are the teaching. And I believe that virtually all of you had already, up to a certain point, become the teaching already to respond to this dispensation, because it is, in my opinion, a more advanced level of divine instruction than we had before.

We're moving through the crystal rays, the Buddhic initiations. We're clothing ourselves with solar fire from Helios and Vesta. We're working with the angels and archangels of the five crystal rays in our Rosary of Divine Quintessence. We're working with the Elohim of the five crystal rays, whose names have been revealed. We're working with masters whom we never heard of before, twin flames that have been revealed. And we can call to them and accelerate consciousness.

So there is value in community and in an authentic dispensation that was sought by the masters and approved by cosmic councils. And it becomes obvious when there is consistency, there is constancy and there is humility on the part of the messenger and on the part of all of us. I will be the first to admit that if there is someone who can do this job better, I am willing to relinquish the role and the responsibility, because it's not easy. I have become the brunt of a lot of attention. And that attention is both good and bad—divine energy and love and also the opposite. So when the focus is distributed amongst hundreds of disciples who are very enlightened and have reached certain levels of attainment, then it becomes easier for me, because you also bear a lot for the planet and for your nations, your communities. So I applaud all of you.

I'm going to stop now and see if Rune would like to say anything, or anybody else who might be with him. So go ahead, Rune.

Rune:  Some years ago there was a book written by, I believe it was Steven Covey or something like that. The book title was something like Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. Now there is another best-selling book coming up. It's called Seven Steps to Right Decisions in Your Life.

Actually, you can use this teaching; you can use these seven steps. You can elaborate on the various steps. For instance, pause and be still. You can give some teaching on it, and then the next step and how to listen, how to interpret answers, and go through the list and use this HeartStream as an outline for a New York Times best-seller.

David:  Maybe a Stockholm Times bestseller. What's the Stockholm paper?

Rune:  I don't think there is a statistic like that, that I know of. There probably is, but it is not as well known.

David:  I appreciate your suggestion. With a little bit of help from my friends, maybe it can happen.

Rune:  It is a wild idea, of course. It is a very practical teaching. It is like self-help to everyone. It would help people to get a spiritual perspective on day-to-day decisions, also hourly decisions that have to be made. If people practice this, David, they would get more spirituality in their life. Of course, I am sure there are many books already on this topic. It was just something that came into my mind.

David:  Great. I appreciate that. How is everything in Scandinavia?

Rune:  It is getting lighter in the evenings and it's getting greener outside, so spring is here. May is a month of much happening in nature. We still have snow in the mountains. We have the green leaves on the trees. May can be a very beautiful month in Scandinavia. What is happening here also, in Norway, is that they are focusing a lot on collecting plastics from the fjords and cleaning up the fjords and beaches and the oceans. That's a pretty big focus here right now.

David:  I saw something on that in the news. They're recycling it in amazing ways, aren't they?

Rune:  Yes. We have to focus on positive news also. So that's positive news, that there are good changes happening.

David:  Great. Well, all my love to everybody there. I look forward to seeing you and Eva next month and Britt-Marie. And then in August, I guess we're having another interesting time in the British Isles. Thank you all for responding to that desire of El Morya and the masters. As Claire told me, I think thirteen people are coming from Scandinavia. We're going to have a great group and we're going to get a lot of work done. It's going to be phenomenal!

Rune:  Good!

David:  Well, I'll sign off now. God bless, and say hi to Marita.

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