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Unity      May 04, 2018

Beloved Unity
David Christopher Lewis
May 4, 2018   9:32 ̶ 9:55 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

             Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Thank you, Arny and all who are praying today and invoking the light. I'd like to read to you a HeartStream that I received this morning from Unity, very beautiful and poetic. And the title is “

Unity's Spirit of Diversity in Universality


 Unity's Spirit of Diversity in Universality

Beloved Ones,

Unity is a light of oneness, a field of beingness, a presence of allness, a mindful state of nonduality. Unity is a magnanimous feeling of love's universality, a radiance of holiness and grace, a desire fulfilled within perfect union.

Unity is harmony realized as a symphony of instruments and voices melded into a collaborative orchestration, where diversity is transmuted into a great opus of music, a great release of sentient sound. Unity is a synthesis of the many for a common purpose. It is e pluribus unum—out of many, one—realized within a sacred gathering of nations and peoples.

Unity is a blissful surrender, where nothing of permanency is lost and where everything of supreme value is gained. It is a resolution, where one is dissolved into a perfect solution through a mystical reagent of Holy Spirit love. Unity is a state of nonseparation, where every aspect of self is now spiritually homogenized into a singularity, a flow of vitality and uniformity, even while every aspect remains inviolate in its divine uniqueness and its specificity of creativity.

Unity is a rebirth in a new creation of a higher and more expressive domain, where a more glorious renaissance of life and a more impassioned glory of grace now manifest. Unity brings all to a feast at one table with the common language of love, cherishing all as brothers and sisters of the one Father-Mother God.

Unity is a school of fish and a flock of birds moving together in a synchronous formation. It is a community of bees or ants serving their origin, their queen, with determination and deliberation. It is a cosmic family of individual blades of grass or grains of sand that form a verdant carpet of green or a warm beach for us to joyfully frolic upon.

Unity is a pasture or a mountainside of pure white snow that arrives over many moments of time, yet which blankets the earth as one and dissolves into water or mist for a season, only to reappear and embrace the ground or the sky again and again in the timelessness of eternity.

Unity is a sacred forest that houses and serves every creature through its seeming chaos of firs and ferns, of mosses and mushrooms, yet which brings the invigorating essences of prana to all in a variegated communion betwixt flora and fauna.

Unity is birth, life, death and rebirth as a sacred continuum, where nothing of worth is lost and where even the wrath of storm and the ire of fire eventuates in a more diverse forest family.

Unity is a cloudful sky and a surging ocean composed of seemingly infinite molecules of water, yet which ebb and flow and grace the firmament above and below, as sprites and fairies and undines and sylphs dance and sing together and fulfill their roles in the kaleidoscopic drama of their plays and acts and scenes.

Unity is the pervasiveness of God within the creation, the expansiveness of the Source within the uni-verse and the allness of the Divine's bountiful expressions within the Cosmic Egg.

Unity is you in God and God in you, you in love and love in you, you experiencing life and the energy of life itself that beats your heart. You are unified in the Divine One, glorified through its many virtues and magnified through its rarified days and magnanimous moments when you choose to love and you opt to live in union with your true nature.

Unity is born of Superconsciousness—a heightened awareness tethered to reality and broadened by experiencing light everywhere, with everyone!

Thank you, blessed ones, for being unity with me. God bless you. 

The Messenger's Afterthoughts

Thank you, Unity, for this beautiful HeartStream today, which I will cherish always. And I feel it should be its own chapter in our upcoming book on our Hearts Center community, which will contain some of our founding documents, including Lanello's thirty-three HeartStreams and Clare de Lis' thirty-three HeartStreams also.

I feel that this HeartStream, in all of its artistic poesy, bespeaks who Unity is as an energy, as a spirit of beingness and oneness everywhere that we can tap into and experience—especially in nature, yet anywhere and everywhere. There are many keys in these words that true us to the unity field of beingness, which many masters have spoken of.

Unity really likes this term, unity field of beingness, because he gets to be at the center of this state of being, this field of presence for us to experience when we enter it with joy, through meditation and prayer, working with nature, walks in nature, hikes in nature, swimming in nature, biking, playing sports, running and frolicking—whatever we desire to do under the sun, under the great blue expanse of sky and even under the stars.

This unity experience is what happened to me in a moment of timelessness in Livingston, Montana, in early June 2004, when I experienced the oneness of God, the mystical union of my soul with God's Oversoul, at St. Mark's Church on a Sunday morning. And this is what set me on my course to collaborate with the ascended masters first and then, through their mission and their desire, to establish our Hearts Center community. This is not something that I just created out of thin air; it was a dispensation and it is a vital, living dispensation in which Holy Spirit-empowered people can gather together in unison. And what unison really means is the “universal song.” It's also the “one song,” “uni-song,” or “uni-son”—the one song of the collective.

So we gather in unison in the presence of the Holy Spirit to pray, to worship, to give glory to God, to praise God, to give adulation to God, to give reverence to God, to bask in God's Presence. And then, in that field of light and joy and radiance and peace and harmony and brother/sisterhood, we emanate skeins of light wherever the universe takes them, wherever God and the angels distribute them. It's up to us to just invoke the light and to let the Divine distribute that light where it is required in that moment. You don't have to know everything about what is going on upon planet Earth, although it is nice sometimes to know something. We simply have to be the light, because the light is intelligent; the light has divine wisdom within it. It is conscious; it is God.

So when we invoke the light and we are the light, we are the solution to the problems of planet Earth. We are the healing of our nations and peoples. We are the answer to every dilemma, because we are the light. Jesus said, “Ye are the light of the world” and do not hide your light under a bushel—emanate it, distribute it, share it, multiply it, maximize it.1 We best do this in the unity field of beingness, because when we are vibrating in synchronicity, together as one, the power that is tapped into and expressed is more awesome because of the multiplication factor of the synchronous union of our hearts, minds, spirits, souls.

Through this sacred formula—the X factor of how many people gather together—there is a phenomenal multiplication and geometrization of light, consciousness and the power of the Presence. That is why we come together, and why 120 of us will be at our summer solstice class near Washington, DC, in Jefferson, Maryland, and then travel into Washington to be that light—to express the union of our collective and universal presence, as well as the diversity of the uniqueness of our own individualization of the God-flame as sovereign beings, as sovereign spiritual entities of light.

Our expression of divinity is something we must manifest through the colorations of light that we employ within our breath, our heartbeat, our creative work. How we express ourselves—express means “to give out,” “ex-press,” “ex-out,” “press out”—how we press out our energy, our light, our consciousness will determine the fate of our world, which is what we co-create with God. So if our expressions are beautiful and divine and holy and pure, this is what we are co-creating with God and what we are emanating and emissive of.

So we, as lightbearers, lightworkers, lightsharers, choose to participate in the ascension of planet Earth and all of its higher evolutionary life-forms by being the light, because this is how all will be enlightened, all will be Self-realized, all will be liberated in the ascension flame.

When I shared during the ascension panel in San Mateo at the Expo, with Corey Goode and others, four other women, it was very interesting to hear their take on the ascension. And, yes, it is a spiritual dynamic, and yet it is also about anchoring light on planet Earth so that when we ascend there is a great legacy left, an imprint on the Earth left by us. And, of course, we are leaving these imprints every moment in the akashic records. Yet let us do this consciously and participate in the ascension every day. It's not just a one-time experience; it is a progression; it is a process. And every day we procession higher and higher. We spiral higher and higher in light, participating with the great cosmic beings, angels and archangels, the choirs of angels, the precious elementals and devas and nature spirits, the Elohim and our ascended-master friends, our elder brothers and sisters. This is the continuum of our spiritual life, where we have this interplay of our consciousness, our life energy, our awareness wed to divine light and love and virtues. And then there is just this joy, this joy of beingness.

As I'm speaking to you, I'm hearing a ringneck dove outside cooing and cooing and cooing. I think this beloved little creature, which probably represents the Holy Spirit, is really enjoying the radiation that is being emanated from my home, our home, Mona and my home, and from you participating in this cosmic endeavor. Everything is affected; all life is impacted by our love, our expressions of holiness and presence and virtue.

So I think I'll leave it there. And thank you , Arny, Marion and all the community of heartfriends, for facilitating this service today and this beautiful HeartStream from Unity and the inspired comments after, overshined by Unity, which can be part of the HeartStream also, and my afterthoughts, if you'd like to call it that—the messenger's afterthoughts. You may desire to listen again to this very poetic HeartStream to be inspired to maintain the unity field of beingness around you all the time, everywhere, with everyone.

God bless you. Have a fantastic weekend, and I look forward to sharing with you. So join us and magnify the Lord, glorify God through these services and broadcasts. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

1. See Matthew 5:14–16. 

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