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Goddess of Purity      April 20, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by the Goddess of Purity)
April 20, 2018   7:23–7:33 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Magic of Surrender and Forgiveness

Song number 114: “I Surrender All.”

Now, the Goddess of Purity says, “If you would like to make greater progress on the path of perfection toward your ascension, practice the sacred art of surrender.” Surrendering affords you entrée into the heaven worlds because to go there you have to let go of the ballast of this world, and that is surrender. Surrender provides an open door to heaven, a portal to heaven, even a cosmic wormhole to go into other worlds, just as we just did in this HeartStream.

You have to surrender your sense of limitation, your sense of your lower humanness, your sense of sin, separation from God and embrace the holiness of your Presence. Have you focused on the holiness of your Divine Presence? When you do, you increase the wattage, the amperage of light in your aura and then you become holy. You become whole and holy—wholly invested in God, one with God, full of light.

Surrender is both an art and a science. And those who have learned both this art and this science are propelled, catapulted into higher consciousness. It takes virya; it takes desire—God-desire. It takes the energy of holy will to allow, through surrender, your soul to be propelled into the divine estate of perfection in the spheres of beingness. Now, this is not human perfection. You don't have to be humanly perfect to have this dynamic manifest, yet your heart must be true to God; your mind must be affixed upon God; your will must be in accord with God's will.

Surrender is a beautiful thing when you understand it, when you can choose to allow it to be. And forgiveness is one of the best ways to learn the art and science of surrender, because you have to surrender your own human willfulness, stubbornness and your ego to forgive. Forgiveness allows the grace of mercy to manifest where you are, because in that surrendered state, when you finally say, “I forgive you and please forgive me,” there is a nexus of light established through those statements when they are authentic. And they co-create, right where you are, a beautiful field of love, compassion, kindness and understanding that then move you into a higher vibratory frequency.

Every time you forgive yourself and others authentically, part of you is raised in consciousness. It happens almost automatically. It's like a mathematical equation that when you truly forgive and let go and let God, there is this mystical manifestation, with mathematical precision, that actually allows you—because you've let go of that ballast of your focused reactivity or your attachment to your own vantage point, your own view, your own sense of things, all of this—to move naturally up, up, up.

If you can count how many times you've forgiven in your life on two hands, that's not enough, the Goddess of Purity says. You have to forgive, as Jesus said, seventy times seven1 and then keep multiplying by another factor of seven.

It's almost as if you have to forgive yourself daily for your human peccadillos, your human imperfections in order to embrace the divine stimuli of light. And then because you accept them and embrace them and incorporate them into your being and world, there is this magic that occurs. And that is part of the surrender too—the surrender experience, the surrender experiment.

Experiment with surrender and see how you become more affectionate toward yourself and others, more responsive to both your needs and others' needs; how you become more attached to God and detached from your ego dweller, your tyrant-ego dweller; how you can reach higher states of meditation because you've let go of the ways that you have always done things and now you are embracing new ways, new models, new paradigms, new opportunities. Surrender, as this beautiful art and science, is something that we in our Hearts Center community and activity practice.

Now, I haven't done this in a while, yet the Goddess of Purity is asking us all to prostrate ourselves right now on the floor and feel what this is like as an aspect of holy surrender. So we're going to take a few moments now and just completely prostrate ourselves with our arms stretched forward. You're prone, I think, on the ground, rather than supine, right? You're prone. And just stay there for a few moments and feel what this is like. So we're going to do this. [Two minutes of silence.]

So we're going to sing song 114. And then we're going to talk about and reflect on this teaching on surrender and then your experience of prostrating yourself. So first, song 114.

1. See Matthew 18:21–22.

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