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David Lewis      April 04, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by El Morya)
April 4, 2018   8:09 ̶ 8:29 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Commentary on the Media and Current World Events

Morya dictated this last night to be released today, on his day. And it reminds me a lot of the teachings that he released through the Agni Yoga dispensation, Leaves of Morya's Garden I and II and many other very sacred texts received by his amanuenses in that movement.

Also, last evening I was meditating and asking for a dispensation to thwart the efforts of dark ones who I felt were using our government to their ends and not God's ends, and specifically all of these investigations that spend millions and millions of our tax dollars with all these lawyers and investigators who are attempting to drum up dirt on this or that individual, left or right. It is a complete, in my opinion, waste of our money, and it is part of the swamp that God, El Morya, Jesus and others desire to drain and to really burn up. The collusion of these lawyers—whom Shakespeare, Saint Germain of course, was not very fond of—with each other and within the system that they have set up is so sinewy and strident, and the dialectic of it is so insane that it requires a herculean washing, like the Agean stables, by pouring a cosmic river of divine light to get rid of the filth and all the inanity, insanity and the necromancy of this dark state, this Deep State.

Ten years ago we never heard the term Deep State, and now it's everywhere, although different people's opinions on what that Deep State is, is based on their own paradigm, their belief system, their political views, left or right. And I know that at times, even through me it seems that what the masters are saying is more conservative or right wing or Republican per se. I can assure you that I, through my communion with God and the masters, have a view that is not the normal view released through the mass media. And lest anyone think that I am persuading the masters to say this or that on a particular view, let me just state for the record that this has nothing to do with a political persuasion; it is based on eternal truth.

So the dispensation I was asking for is for the councils of heaven, the councils of divine jurisprudence to basically take command of this entire system of our government, which has gone awry—the two-party system, which is pitting one brother against another brother, sister against sister. And it's so divisive that the American people simply abhor it. They abhor the gridlock; they abhor the unwillingness to actually work together toward the highest purposes of our nation and its peoples. And I see this actually manifesting around the world in other nations as well; it's not just here in America.

So the answer that I received is to be patient, that God's will will reign supreme. And I am asking, on Morya's behalf, for prayers like we gave today—10.010 thirty-three times—to be given from now all the way through our summer solstice conference in order to give El Morya and the lawyers of heaven, Nada and many others, the authority, the power and the impetus to act miraculously to further drain the swamp and burn up all of this inanity and this insanity and to reestablish a government based on divine principles, based on the service of the people, all people, all citizens—El Morya is correcting me, all citizens of this nation.

Now, we know that many are coming here because they desire the opportunity for freedom, as well as the freedom to pursue their happiness, financially and otherwise. Yet this is also a nation of laws and a state that was founded on these principles. And when a number of these desire to come here without going through a lawful process of becoming citizens and do what they do, it stresses and strains the socio-economic order, and we all pay for it. We pay a pretty penny for it, and the taxation goes up and up and up and the government does not judiciously use our taxes. There are a lot of black ops, a lot of all kinds of things, and if we really knew where our money was going, we would be in total abhorrence, including Planned Parenthood and especially using it for abortions, which is the most heinous crime on the planet—the murder of the innocent in the womb.

The only way out of this dilemma is to put our trust and faith and hope in God, pray without ceasing, give our all, true ourselves to the will of God in all things and continue calling upon the Lord and giving the ascended masters, the angels and archangels the authority to act, to act, to act again and again to expose the truth, expose the lie and to bring forth divine virtue and God's authority to reign in our nation.

So when I say things like “In the last eight years, this has happened, blah, blah, blah,” I usually qualify it by saying “Yet it's also been in previous administrations.” And, believe me, it has been, because the schemes of the dark ones have used individuals on both right and left. And this has been going on for decades and over a hundred years, since the early 1900s now—Jekyll Island and other situations.

The plans and the strategies of the dark ones are long term, and so they use this dialectic of pushing their agenda. And people don't like it at first, and yet they keep pushing and pushing, and eventually as they push enough and use the mass media and use all kinds of false flags and other situations, it causes the righteous ones to buckle and to give in.

So now we have to push back with God's will. We have to say: “Thus far and no farther—you shall not pass. You will not continue to abort unborn children, because this will destroy our civilization. You are not allowed to say that marriage can be between two men and two women, because this is absolutely antithetical to the laws of nature.” We love everyone, and we don't want governments becoming like that described in 1984, George Orwell's version of Big Brother spying on us, which is already happening anyway. That was very prophetic. And as we realize now more and more through Google, Facebook, YouTube and all of these major players, we are completely exposed; they know everything about us. The Deep State can gain entrée into anything and everything they desire—when we use credit cards and when we speak on phones, on our computers, everything. It's all being recorded; we know this.

So the pushback that we require is really a divine pushback using the powers of heaven and the virtues of God to wield the sword of Spirit and to flash forth and turn back, with the cosmic mirror, the darkness that is sent our way, to transmute it into light and send it back to burn up the tares and to separate the goats from the sheep.

We have to have patience, Morya says, and keep calling upon the Lord. And the patience, yes, is long suffering, in one sense. But as Morya said here, it's not to suffer per se; it's to maintain our state of oneness with our Presence. It's maintaining that integrity day and night, living in the authority of that will of God and then trusting that God will right the seeming wrongs and bring justice where it's obvious that there is temporal injustice manifesting. Yet we don't always know all anyway, and karma is very exacting. However, through mercy and grace, we can transmute the effects of karma coming back and unleashing all manner of situations that will continue the cycles of darkness. So we have to interrupt those cycles of darkness through dispensations, through blessings and graces that we become the nexus for releasing into the Earth through our light bodies and through what we do together as one—as one community, one family of light.

Now, some will come to our community and see what they perceive as a certain political bent or what they feel is not appropriate for a spiritual community. And that's fine; they can have their opinions. Yet many of us have done decades and decades of research, and we know truth when it is truth, because our receptors are more refined, our higher-sensory motor functions are attuned to spirit and to the etheric plane, and we perceive beyond the human veil. And this perception has been won over many years, decades and even lifetimes through our communion with God.

Does this mean that we are always beholden to one political view? Of course not. There is evil on both sides, and there are many aspects of the Deep State that are played on both sides continuously to cause division, using divide-and-conquer methodologies. We know this.

So the unity field of beingness is so important because it brings us back to the will of God, where there is only unity, oneness in that will of God. And this helps restore us to our divine origin, to that oneness state, where we can perceive exactly what is required through our calls, our invocations and our work.

I'm not being apologetic to those who do not understand us. I'm simply stating the truth of what this activity and El Morya and the masters who sponsor this activity know, understand and work with—and let the chips fall where they may. If people believe that this is more of a human activity, they're free to believe that. Does this mean that I'm beyond error? Of course not. I make errors, and all of us do. Yet our intent is to anchor the kingdom of God upon Earth.

So changes have to be wrought upon the Earth, and we have to push back. We have to stand firm in our resolve. We have to say “Thus far and no farther” and call a spade a spade, because if we do not, then we become like those Nazis who just went along with Hitler's plans and allowed that entire matrix of darkness to overtake the nation and many nations in Europe. And we simply can't allow this.

Our media and our educational systems are now more Nazi-like than virtually at any time in the past. And political correctness has become like the new Nazism in the United States. It is so antithetical to freedom—freedom of expression and dialogue—that now you can't even have a dialogue; they just don't allow it. They will not allow the voices that resonate with truth to share within their systems and even within the classrooms of higher learning. You have professors who will give you an F for a paper that does not go along with their political views. That is absolutely asinine, and it shows the mediocrity of their thinking and the dialectic that they believe in, which is so un-American and anti-freedom that it is absolutely insane.

So the minds of men have been overcome by the wiles of the dark spirits, and we have to brighten their minds and shine their auras so they can begin to perceive with new light and with a new view. Otherwise, we will go the way of Atlantis and other fallen civilizations. We are already in that decline, and we're here to put our finger on the dike to awaken people.

One other thing that El Morya would like me to say is that I recently saw an article about these animals—especially birds in southern Oregon and certain areas—that are leaving. And when nature starts doing that and the animals and the elementals start leaving an area, you can be assured that something is afoot. All I can say is watch, be aware, be awake and be responsive to your inner voice, because God knows the cycles of the release of mankind's karma through earthquake and other things. And I'm very concerned about people in certain areas of California, Oregon and even part of Washington and what could be coming.

And when science itself and the seismologists are warning us that the “big one” could be any time, it's just something to be aware of and to realize that you have been forewarned, even by scientists. So if you choose to live in these areas, just be very aware and pray with all of your might; put your trust in God. When the big one does come—if it comes or when it comes—you don't have to be in a place where you are going to be one of the sorry ones. You can be attuned and be at the right place at the right time, and miracles do occur.

Look what happened in Hiroshima, which we shared. These Catholic priests that were praying the rosary every day were protected and sealed in light even from that level of darkness. So when you are in your Presence, when you are sealed in light, you can be protected from even the worst of natural cataclysms, et cetera.

So thank you, El Morya, for this message, “The Way of the Arhat. And, of course, I have this typed up, so I will send it to our staff after the service when I get home so they can have it as a transcription.

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